December 18, 2013

The Piper Report 12/16/2013


Hitler’s response to the infamous declaration of war against Germany by Jewish interests, translated from German and read aloud for the first time.


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Noor al Haqiqa said...

This translation is totally AMAZING. Hitler actually says...

"Do not harm a single hair on a Jew's head."

I had heard this before but not in context.

No soap opera love here, Horst, just a fact.

Anonymous said...

The world has been lied to admit Hitler to such a degree that almost EVERYTHING said/written about him is a God damned lie, isn't it?

As always, thank you so much, Mr. Whooli, for posting this here.


Anonymous said...

That should read, "about Hitler" and not "admit Hitler".


Christopher Marlowe said...

MCP is so astute sometimes that it makes his retarded statements seem that much more idiotic.

Piper called out Weber years ago. It is no surprise then, that Weber is now claiming that there were homicidal gas chambers.

But at the end of the show, Piper goes full bore retard on the Sandy Hoax. Piper and Glen have dug in on this issue, and refuse to budge or re-examine the total lack of evidence.

In a fit of desperation, Piper says that the people who doubt the sandy hoax also doubt the JFK assassination actually took place. Those people are in the extreme minority, and it is really pathetic that Piper would try this sort of pathetic argument.

Those who do believe that JFK faked his own death are no-doubt influenced by the Fakologist. Their opinion on JFK is worthless and lacking in any sound reason.

But the sandy hoax has nothing to do with JFK. Piper and Glen should listen to John Friend's radio show from yesterday with Sophia Smallstorm.

Unknown said...

Noor al Haqiqa,

We agree! The last thing I think Hitler would do is harm the hair of a single Jew. I admit the Holocaust is a laughable LIE and those Jews were well protected and taken care of until Hitler lost control and could not protect them. I also agree that Hitler was very upset with what happened on The Night of Broken Glass.

Kind of ironic how he would assassinate Germans without trial during the Knight of the Long Knives. Or commit pre-emptive wars like someone is doing today. Or send the best of the Germans to their deaths in war.

I agree with you "Noor Al Haqiqa", even with all his fiery and emotional rhetoric I dont think he would kill even a single traitorous Banker Jew.

Anonymous said...

Ken You have failed the Adolf Hitler -test.

Tseeker said...

How many more times seriously "ken"? It's not going to work here. Spout your hasbara elsewhere