December 18, 2013

Jewish Supremacists Hoist Menorah, but Demand Christian Cross Comes Down

The federal court ruled that having a Christian cross as part of an American war memorial that has stood for decades, violated the principle of “separation of church and state.”
A Christian cross as part of American war memorial must be forbidden, but in thousands of localities across America at this moment, Jewish Menorahs stand with the protection of USA federal court protection. Here is picture of the Menorah that is erected every year in front of the White House.
The organization behind the federal court case to destroy the cross was none other than the Jewish War Veterans. In fact over the last five decades has had the lowest percentage of service men than any other ethnic group, unless of course you can count the Israel army where many have served.
The chutzpah of these Jewish groups in endeavoring to destroy American heritage is downright shocking, but it has become so commonplace that it gets hardly a yawn from Americans any more.           ***Read article by David Duke***


Anonymous said...

They are not hiding their control any longer, just as described in THE PROTOCOLS.


Unknown said...

I fully support the Christian Cross in San Diego as I used to drive by it when heading south to beautiful Baja.

Just to be accurate regarding the Manure (aka Manorah). This is placed in The President's Park (aka White House Ellipse) which is the same land where the National Christmas Tree is placed each year.

Not sure why some people (I dont want to say any names since then I will be called silly names even though I am the one telling the truth. lol) attempt to lie and deceive others about this location. Well, I kind of understand since some people also continue to LIE about 9/11 and say Muslim extremists did it.

Some people can say JEW JEW JEW and get away with all sorts of lies/deceptions while their adoring sycophants will make any excuse needed to justify their Hero's lies, deceptions and hypocrisy.

I say again, "hero worship" is an emotional and intellectual sickness. Instead, become an Ubermensch and stand on your own 2 feet no matter what silly names you are called.

rodin said...

The National Christmas Tree isn't exactly a nativity scene, is it? A tree is not a cross....

Funny how Santa Claus is an anagram of Satan Lucas. Here is the earliest depiction of the devil horns salute I have found, on some shit Jew so called art

Unknown said...

I'm not a Christian but strange how that ugly fucking menorah resembles "the devils" pitchfork.