December 18, 2013

VTsaxon let's the cat out of the bag

At 6 minutes VT calls in and drops a bomb on RBN. Bravo VT



Unknown said...

John Cuntmiller "kill every jew" That's so fucking alex jonesish.

Jews are in control Cuntmiller:



DUH, like he doesn't know.

He is like fatboy Jones.

Cuntmiller spoke out both sides of his mouth.

Speak the truth.

midas617 said...

What a sell out

Mami said...

Great call VT

Anonymous said...

yes good call - though the quote is not Cicero but Voltaire

“To learn who rules over you, simply find out whom you are not allowed to criticize.”

Unknown said...

The jew cap and the devil flag...Cuntmiller might as well just wear and hang it in his office. I'm sick of these Jones type tards. They're the PC bunch of the movement. It's embarrassing.