August 03, 2019

Being Held Against My Will in "The Land of the Free"?


Og said...

kok out of his head

yet he blames everyone else lol

jerry said...

I heard a program a couple of weeks ago where they said his last name is Nichols ... not O'Keefe. Also that he wasn't the hero he tried to make himself out to be on that "free Gaza" flotilla a few years ago. And he was using the donations he collected to buy real estate and houses (with an "s"). Basically a scam artist!

Unknown said...

This is an opportunity
to show compassion and
prayer for best outcomes.
aloha always to us all

Scorpio said...

That crazy sombitch looks like he has gay-jew ass cancer.

Unknown said...

He is a real snake. Did you notice his tongue. This is his way of mocking everyone. May he rot in hell