August 03, 2019

His Last Words

Friday August 2nd 2019

President Trump while facing a firing squad was asked what were his last words. He promptly replied: "I LOVE THE JEWS!". 


Red Orchid said...

"But especially Ashkenazi Jews."

I doubt Trump is keen on those who are poor and look like Palestinians.

zapoper said...

WTF. I think that you do not understand the scope of this shit.

Red Orchid said...

Let me put it another way. Trump couldn't care less about the regular, garden variety Jew.

He might be in love with the Jew, but he's not in love with Jews that have no power and no money.

If you think Jews are all equal, let me remind some Jews are more equal than others.

Voltman said...

He loves the jews because he's sold
They push the views for him to hold
He's in the news, does what he's told
Supporters choose to never see

He loves the dead before they vote
The rope-a-dope keeps him afloat
He promises but in the end

He loves the dead before they're old
Their little heads for him to mold
Cadaver eyes upon him pray
Make US Great Again

He loves the dead before they're cold
Their bluing flesh for him to hold
Cadaver eyes upon him see

He loves the dead before they rise
No farewells, no goodbyes
He never even knew their now rotting faces
While fools and voters mourn their silly graves
He has other uses for you suckers

Alice Cooper - I Love the Dead (from Alice Cooper Trashes The World)

YUKON JACK said...

Donald Trump was a product of Steve Bannon (Breitbart/Netanyahu) marketing. He was sold to the Goyim like a bag of potato chips. They simply figured out what you wanted to hear and Trump delivered the lines, scientific method applied to politics.

The dumbed down sheeple swallowed Trump's rhetoric like a carp on a bait ball.

Trumpenstein is now exposed as the biggest Jew whore yet, giving Israel anything they want. He is also pure evil, empowering the Israelis to step up their genocide/replacement/desctruction of anything Palestinian. He is a vicious bastard.

Now watch how his base, completely betrayed, will vote for him again.

I was watching CBN (Christian broadcast network) and it is a non-stop Trump commercial. The Evangelicals are in love with that bastard.

Bow down before the one you serve and you will get exactly what you deserve.

Forge The Bond said...

"The dumbed down sheeple swallowed Trump's rhetoric like a carp on a bait ball."

It wasn't that simple - after all, Hillary had a clear majority of mentally retarded dumbed-down sheeple.

What got Trump over the top - despite his own party machine's efforts to stop him, was that a swathe of voters DID NOT want Hillary in there to finish-off the country in short order. Thank G-d she failed.

Voltman said...

Forge The Bond said...

"Thank G-d she failed."

All those who voted failed!

They failed to see how they were being played! He failed to deliver on his promises. He failed to bring in any kind of justice and sanity. He failed to blow 9-11 wide open. Etc., etc., etc.........

You failed to listen when he said he was a rabid israel supporter, "the best thing that could ever happen to israel".

You failed to realize that in both cases, you were getting a Rothschild in the Citi!

By voting, you "legitimize" them. You give these criminals the power to do whatever they end up doing.

The winners are the ones who DID NOT VOTE for any of these lying crooks!

Don't thank God because I don't think God has much to do with supporting liars, frauds and impotent ignoramuses. I don't believe God would back an israhell worshiper, and a bullshitter who just happens to say a few things, once in a while, that are usually obvious to even a 14-year old nerd with an internet connection.

For example:
Pride & Prejudice @Soph

Maybe you can thank G-d you got Lucifer instead of Satan...
But even these two are being made to look GREAT AGAIN....



Rot Child In The Citi

Danger in the shape of somethin' vile
Changer, money ape, he's a rotten child
No one knows what he is or what his name is
They just don't care where he came from or what his game is

Rot child in the Citi
Rot child in the Citi
Runnin' wild and sittin' pretty
Rot child in the Citi

So bad to be loose and on his own
Young boys, he just wants to take them home
He goes downtown, the goys all stop and stare
When he goes downtown, he walks like he just

don't care, yeah

Rot child in the Citi
Runnin' wild and sittin' pretty
Rot child in the Citi
Runnin' wild and stealin' plenty

Come on down to my palace
We'll talk about love
Come on down to my falace
We'll make love

Rot child in the Citi
Runnin' wild and sittin' pretty
Rot child in the Citi
Stinkin' pile of shitty money

Nick Gilder + Weaves | Hot Child In The City | Playlist Live 2018

Forge The Bond said...

"By voting, you "legitimize" them. You give these criminals the power to do whatever they end up doing."

Wholly endorse that, a principle l've personally lived-by since the early 80's. Unfortunately, too few people live by wise principles.

YUKON JACK said...

Would of Hillary been worse than Trump is now a question of debate because Trump is such a tool. Would of Hillary handed Israel the Golan Heights? I don't think so, would she have moved the embassy to Jerusalem? Questionable.

Hillary is evil for sure, but maybe Trump is worse. Here's the question now that we know Trump lied his fat ass off, is he worse than Hillary? What do you think?

Of course crazy Hillary would have probably launched on Iran by now and we would be all dead. LOL

KnownUnknown said...

She would have been open doors for $$ but so is Trump - I don't think she would have pumped stocks as much, I'll bet Trump mega leveredge on SPY and he'll walk out of office richer than Gates or something. They're all crooks.

Still can't wrap my head around all those times in '16 Rense said Trump was a super genius and Ivanka was another genius...