August 03, 2019

BOC has a dream, on the Jack Daniels .


WWS said...


Exactly! We must "keep on keepin' on."

Our (((enemy))) is the most
persistent evil entity in existence.

Zeebra said...

funny he mentioned KOKeefe near the end; last of his vids I saw a few weeks ago, he was obv some kind of addict, looked like hell, brain fried. :(

In this BOC vid I was thinking he better not end up like KOK

Zeebra said...

KOK's YT channel also had, I think a few hundred or low 1000s subs; checked now, 72 K subs, & most recent vid 11 months ago.

meaning, I guess he deleted all recent vids less than 11 months old, or... he have multiple channels?

Zeebra said...

Found KOK's channel with the alkee/junkee vids, 6 vids there, 147 subs

watch 3 weeks ago vid, I gather he was high, see comments, not happy!

Zeebra said...

watched this jobee from BOC, < 1hr old now;

tells of how KBarrett told him how KOK was showing up at conferences "blind drunk." I figured that was KOK's drug of choice, but could also be into thailand's version of meth, or something heavy, given how fast he deteriorated. Just turned 50yo a couple weeks ago.

Og said...

completely wasted
He also made a video when he was at the airport I saw a few weeks ago

Og said...

seems to have the same character as DBS when you meet him in real life
was never a big fan and would never donate for his drink/drug addiction

Zeebra said...

yeah - at least AFAWK DBS has cleaned up; didn't u say u heard he was active in some AA-type recovery program in FR?

U seen this one re KOK? 41 secs, where he's driving with his self absorbed little asian GF, ~half his age? from July '16,

that was around when he fell out with Max Igan, over his World Citizen thing being a big ponzi scheme; plus Igan surely also knew KOK was a drunk by then. Both went on with Riche Allen (diff shows), & KOK was ridiculously combative & not credible. Seems he really lost it after that time, & went full drunk/drugee. Remarkable deterioration in his appearance & mind since then.

Scorpio said...

Crazy as a shit house rat.

Og said...

boc just deleted his channel
I'm done with his nonsense
Will never post anymore of his shite

Og said...

actually deleted all his posts that I posted, useless c*nt