August 03, 2019

Two men in India allegedly rape and behead 3-year-old girl

JAMSHEDPUR (India) — Two men have been arrested for allegedly raping and beheading a three-year-old girl in Jamshedpur, India, while another man is being investigated for his connection to the case, the Hindustan Times reported on Thursday (Aug 1).

The crime was allegedly committed just weeks after one of the accused, 37-year-old Rinku Sahu, was released from prison for abducting another child.

Sahu allegedly abducted the child from her mother on Thursday (July 25) while both of them, along with another man named Monu Mandal, were sleeping at the city’s railway station.

He took the girl to a fabrication yard 4km from the station, where he allegedly met the second suspect, 38-year-old Kailesh Kumar. They then took turns to rape her, reported The Times of India.

When the girl started screaming, Sahu allegedly beheaded her with a sharp weapon, Indian police said. Sahu then allegedly stuffed the decapitated body in a bag and dumped it behind the boundary wall of a steel factory, according to the Times of India


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