October 28, 2019

The “One Size Fits All” Global Vaccine Agenda

Now that the pervasive “one size fits all” vaccine agenda has captured all governments and regulatory agencies to do its bidding, the push to vaccinate every human being on the planet is reaching a fever pitch. What many people may not realize is that the current drive for vaccine mandates and removal of exemption rights is a global agenda. Coordinated by numerous international health agencies, it’s happening all over the world.

The World Health Organization (WHO) recently declared ‘vaccine hesitancy’ as a top global health threat not because vaccine hesitancy is driving infectious disease outbreaks, but to motivate health officials to ramp up vaccine mandates.

Taking their cues from ‘on high’, governments are all too willing to trample our basic human right to bodily autonomy and our informed consent right to refuse unwanted medical procedures.  A carefully orchestrated global dragnet is steadily steering us toward vaccine mandates, hatched by a cadre of global health entities and fueled by the pharmaceutical industry’s strong arm lobby efforts to convince governments to adopt vaccine mandates.


Chains said...


I remember reading somewhere that the polio Vaccine was useless and that the disease was in a natural decline. What did continue was something called muscular dystrophy which was the deficiency of ONE single mineral, Selenium! There are those who believe that they are very similar diseases if not the same. Have not looked real deep into this but I remember coming across this story and that Jerry Lewis left or was fired due to some kind of controversy or "conspiracy" concerning his knowledge of the selenium connection.

Brizer said...

Mandatory or mandate means consent/contract. Refusal is also contracting (creating controversy or argument). So it's obvious that if you don't want to be poisoned by vaccines, don't refuse, just state that you reserve all rights. Rinse and repeat if necessary and the problem goes away.

Chains said...

Don't really need to bring in the freeman stuff here. I'm a firm believer that being an individual in court is for people who are in denial about who runs this game LOL Dos'nt hurt to play though. Just wouldn't recommend withdrawing your income tax remittance. This issue has enough support and push-back will happen without any esoteric knowledge of Roman law among the slaves. ;) It would be nice if we had the same number of passionate people addressing other societal ills as we do in the area of vaccines.