October 28, 2019

The Enlightenment in Germany c/o Bob in DC

The Enlightenment in Germany was heavily influenced by Jews. The salons- meeting houses where young German intellectuals and noblemen would gather to network and develop themselves intellectually- tended to be owned by Jewish magnates and hosted by their Jewish daughters. So Germany’s elites would gather there and end up hooking up with wealthy young Jewish women. It eventually led to basically the entire Prussian aristocracy being intermixed with Jews. It also led to German intellectualism being heavily Judaized with demands for more individualism, feminism, “rights,” etc. That’s not to say it was all bad; although liberalism developed at the time, racialism did as well.

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Nona said...

I suppose the "Enlightenment" was the same everywhere.

And so was the Mechanical Revolution, aka the Industrial Revolution. I suspect, it was the beginning of the ruin of the skilled hand crafts and the farming by hand, which is in full force now.
The destruction of the cooperation between farmers and Nature.
This was the first step in the Grand Chess Game.

But before the "Enlightenment" there was the imposition of RELIGION over the "Peasants" / the "Commoners." The Elite/Monarchs/clerics, from the 5th c. A.D. , imposed the jewish religious scriptures, the "origin of Humanity" on the pre-xtians of Old Europe...forced it on the free Peoples, the Warriors there. Actually, this was done by Julius Caesar, when he ordered the slaughter and hunting of the Druids all over Europe. If I am not wrong, he was underwritten by the jews, in Rome and Judea. 1/3 of the young, vital people, were taken as slaves to be gladiators )more slaughter), or as sex slaves into bordellos. Removal of the rebels, and desire for freedom.

So, in this way, the old Free Peoples, the Warriors, were turned into "peasants", serfs, and forced into submission under Pax Romana, the Roman Empire, and to the time of the Charlemagne,in the unholy, Holy Roman Empire, who continued the slaughter of those objecting to xtianity. .. until there were no more warrior genes left.

And so, the disheartening of the Free, Warrior, all decimated.

The Peoples, were completed separated from their connection with Nature, forced from the Spiritual World to religiosity, to believe they were ABOVE Nature, the Earth, animals, plants, water.

The key figures of this were -Julius Caesar - Constantine the "Great"- Charlemagne, William the Bastard, Cromwell, Victoria. All funded by jews, with jew adviser. (BTW, the Irish were invaded and enslaved because they were / are, THE most spiritual People in modern times, connected with Nature and Other WOrld. The Elite/Rulers knew about this, that the Irish was knowing in possible ways to escape from slavery and repression.

What more could the "Enlightenment" do to destroy Humanity?