November 21, 2019

Mockingbird Ukraine Spin Masters plus Censor

I'll post the YT "private" video once Bitchute stops giving me all sorts of security errors and ssl handshake crap

Growing Up Deep State - The Next Generation Of Corruption


Zeebra said...

"Amazing Polly" would be easy to like; she's surely nice to look at; but on twatter 2 months ago (~Sep 21) she launched absurd & seemingly out-of-nowhere attacks on Epstein++ researcher/writer Whitney Webb who publishes on Polly called Whitney a 'communist/sympathizer' & more; totally whacked!

Polly went on a blocking spree against everyone who questioned her strange irrational attacks, &/or stuck up for Whitney... incl me! I used to follow her, but can't now, except maybe anonymously in a diff/not-logged-in browser; but that cat fight was a real polly cred-buster so I don't promote her, personally.

zapoper said...

I just thought that this was interesting. I suspect her to be part of one of the Canadian agencies.

Zeebra said...

coincidentally or not; fireworks started after this odd Polly tweet on Fri 9/20,

IOW, she's PERFECT for you, zap! :~D

zapoper said...