November 21, 2019

The David Duke Show 2019.11.21

Dr. David Ernest Duke (born 1 July 1950) is a European American best known as an advocate for the rights of Europeans in the United States and around the world as well as criticisms of Jewish supremacism. Duke has been a prolific author, politician and media personality whose works have reached very large audiences. Consequently he has often been attacked and misrepresented in various ways.

Today: Dr Duke, Patrick Slattery and Mark Dankof
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Harry Mack said...

I don't wan't to be banned for being a troll but for crying out loud doesn't anyone relate to what I see in this gatekeeper? Please tell me what you think, I know we don't have time to jump into anything too deep.

I am not a jew and I am not a gentile and I resent him diminishing my Whiteness and my folk. I have listened to this man over 40 damn years and I have no hope he will change and IMO, he is putting a dagger in our back.

Duke may be an expert and have a pHd on the kike's history but when he crosses over into variants of religions masquerading as christianity he is incorrigible and literally full of crap. Don Black was KKK, as well, has implied he is non-religious approaching atheism, claims he just doesn't get it; I feel for him and I respect his honesty.

Duke regurgitates the same thing day after day even when people correct him and explain a non-jew version of historicity he skips track and goes right back to the script. Does this make him a gatekeeper; is this only for entertainment purposes, I don't get it... As a White Man, I do not consent to this clown, any rights to represent me!

Has he really helped us against the JP or has he just run out of gas and lost his way?
Why hasn't he promoted a school or legitimate movement to ensure his legacy will formulate a strategy for our people unless he is just a chameleon.

Albert said...

We Absolutely have a "Right" to Ask for MORE from Prominent-Speakers, who CLAIM to "Represent" us!

I have Heard MANY "Little People" talk with great sincerity and Insightfulness about our DIRE ((("replacement"))) Plight!

There are a small group of lads in England etc., who get-together and "Pub-Talk" "Stream" on Jew-Tube a few times a week ...
Over the 3-Hours of banter it is not always so spectacular, but I have Learnt MUCH about how Reasonable it is to FEEL the way we DO! And the Camaraderie of Friends!
-- And, though they Each have Quite Different Points-of-View, they are Friends, Friendly, and ATTRACT anyone Listening: to FEEL +Think about our ((("Replacement"))) Plight!

--> The REVULSION we FEEL in our Hearts, when listening to "Gatekeepers" etc, is quite in-common with Con-Men and Cult-Leaders of all manner of "Angles"! ---- Our HEART Tells us the TRUTH! -- Sadly too many, now "Prefer" LIES! :-(
-- The DIFFERENCE between Talking-to a Regular Person, and a "Cult-Leader" is that "Cult-Leaders" touch-on a few things which have some truth, but THEN "Jump-Inbetween" and TRY to Twistingly (((leverage)))-situations to THEN Jump-To: "Therefore you MUST OBEY (follow worship etc) ME!" ;-)

GrandParents Love / Adore Their FAR-Younger and Less-Knowledgeable Grand-Children!
-- As long as Children are quite well behaved, and OPEN to Learning the Truth, Folks who Actually KNOW far FAR More than Them, are VERY Happy to SHARE such! :-)

Indeed, EVERYTHING that we SEEK comes Down to the Simple Natural Built-in Desire / Need within Each + Every one of us: to Powerfully Step-by-Step CREATE, and Generously SHARE on Down such with FUTURE Generations ...
-- In Opposition to: the "Broken" EVIL Parasite-like DESTROYERS of ALL that is Good Beautiful TRUE - Life itself !!!

When we explore the 9 Noble Virtues:
Courage (Valiance)
Truth (Sincerity)
Self Reliance
Industriousness (Diligence)

There is None of the Repulsive "Pettiness" and Empty self-importance ...
That are Present -- only when there is No TRUE MERIT within!

Albert said...

--> One of the Antidotes to our Modern: Insane and Highly-DESTRUCTIVE ((("Equality"))) (actually only a "race to the BOTTOM for the Goyim, so that Wretched Disgusting jews can TRY to Appear to be "Superior Rulers" over all the Earth) -- is to Simply Appreciate Folks who Step-by-Step MERIT our becoming-Uplifted by Their Accomplishments, and what They have to Generously Pass-On TO us!
(Sadly there are now More and MORE folks who are sooo Stupid, as to not even Know that they are Stupid -- thus "Full" of BLIND False-Pride!)

> Just Like: We should Not Listen much, or at-all: to a PROVEN Deceitful-LIAR(S), so too, we CAN find MANY Folks to Listen to BETTER, than those Without Accomplishments, and who most Everyone cannot even STAND to even be Near in Real Life!

Many of us have a LOT to SAY! -- we are Human, after all!
But many have found D.D. so "full-of-himself" insufferable, as to be completely Unbearable to Listen to, -- even IF he has some Good-points to make sometimes!
(Indians call this: "Milk touched by the lips of serpents." -- Versus a "Swan" being-Able: to Separate/Extract the Good from the Bad)

Like the younger folks Looking at WHAT the OLD "Conservatives" have Bequeathed to Them!
-- who have, rather than actually CONSERVING Anything, actually ENABLED the Step-by-Step IMPLEMENTATION: of the (((("Progressive"))) Anti-White Agenda:
Both by Being just-a-few-years-BEHIND/Slower (more deceptive/hidden -- or by their Silence/Inaction Enabled Evil to Thrive) than the RABID ((("Progressives"))) AND by "Taking-Up-Space"/POSING: thus PREVENTING TRUE Conservatives / Pro-Whites from even Presenting: THEIR very very Reasonable Desires / NEEDS: To "Go Back" to the Time when our Countries were more and more PRO-White!
(And "Modern" debauchery / Inversion was even Inconceivable!)

🌝 🌚 🌞

Albert said...

My above attempt at probing WHY / WHAT we feel as regards D.D. wasn't very good! ;-)

Maybe, it is a Case of: Some things which "Happen" to us CAN'T be Recovered-From! :-(

Just Like a Man who has been Terribly-Betrayed by his Wife, will HAVE a Bitterness from then on, which a "Blissfully-Ignorant" Naive / Optimistic Youth cannot "Respect" "agree-with" ...

So, like "BB9" mentioned at the end of the Latest Dennis-Fetcho show, Once the "Modern" Prison-system has Tortured / Tormented you -- You sort-of: Loose-your-soul / "will-never-be-the-same-again"!

Many have Described: How the FBI creates "Infiltrators"! -- They USE Terrible-FEAR to "compromise" good-Folks, and USE them to Turn-Against / Rat-on / "Inform"-on / ENTRAP their own Friends! ...

We have SEEN how soooo many Folks, AFTER the jews begin to Heavily "do-(((their)))-tricks", become "compromised"!
-- It SEEMS that Nick-Fuentes recently "Recanted" and said that he Never "Denied" the HoloHoax: And SAID that he BeLIEves in the Gassing-Extermination of 6-Million jews!

Maybe the FEAR-Programming Implanted-DEEP-within-the-Subconscious of D.D. by years-in-Prison etc., created BARRIERS which he simply is NOT prepared to PASS now!

-- Many have Described how WHEN the jews Begin to "do-(((their)))-thing" on you, ALL of your Friends + Family Abandon you! :-(
-- It is EASY to Imagine how someone would NOT Care to go-Beyond a certain point, in putting-their-neck-Out ... KNOWING HOW: No-One-Else will "Bother" to even STAND-WITH-You - AFTER you have done-so, and the proverbial "shit-hits-the-Fan"! :-(

-- There is a REASON why (((they))) deploy YOUNG-men to be (((their))) Easily-Duped-Victims in (((their))) "wars"!
-- Young-Men have a Store-house of Built-Up-STRENGTH, which Their Parents have Lovingly-GIVEN Them.
A young-man's "Testosterone" and Romantic-Dreams make him BeLIEve himself to be almost Invulnerable.
--> When the REALITY is that just like: We will DIE Without-AIR after only 3 minutes ... So too After Days of Nighttime-Shelling Terror + Lack of Sleep ... A Strong BRAVE Young-man is Transformed into a weak-wreck !!!
(Like in Chess, Two "Equal-Strength" Armies, by Tactics etc, are-Not EQUAL! -- Once an Army-Group is Encircled: within HOURS Their LACK of Supplies: Fuel, Food, Water etc, and Terror-Filled Lack-of-Sleep, quickly REDUCE Their Ability to RESIST!)

Just like we take Breathing-Air fo granted ... UNTIL the Blocking-of-Such Leaves us with only 3 minutes to Live!
-- So Young-men THINK themselves BRAVE and Courageous, BECAUSE of Their STORED-Reserves ...
But, After DAYS of Torture, almost NO-ONE is LEFT being like "Rambo"! :-(
(With Youth, and TRAINING, a man can Endure for DAYS, and By SHEER-Strength-of-WILL Push-On / Pull-himself-along ... But, AFTERWARDS he will REQUIRE MONTHS of Hospital-CARE + Recovery ... and Still, he may indeed NEVER-FULLY Recover his Former STRENGTH both Physically, or PSYCHOLOGICALLY !!! :-(

🌝 🌚 🌞

Harry Mack said...

Thank You for Your Reply Albert,

Your word and thoughts sure helped explain and put things in perspective. I will save it and sure read it over several more times.

Albert said...

Thanks Harry :-)

(I Began THIS as an Introduction: to My 20 / 20 Topic, which I guess I will Paste HERE too, for Reference!)

The ((("Mastery"))) of "Divide & Rule" ("Voting" for the-"lesser"-of-two-Evils [consenting to be Governed by Criminals!] between Obongo or McShame, or Obongo or Romney) is that: by "Cleverly" Rigging the "Game" "Rules" so that WHICH-EVER "Side" you "Choose" (a "Third-Party" of WHAT you Actually-Want, is a "Wasted" Vote!) you are Screwed MORE: along the "Progressive" Path -- and Yet, by the DESPERATION of the DIRE-Situation we SEE that, Looking-Back, we are IN, we FEEL COMPELLED to "Act" "Going-Forward"!
(The Cartoon of the Cow Confronting a Partitioned-Corridor LEADING-to-the-Slaughterhouse-Doors ... and "Choosing" between "Left" or "Right" - comes to mind!)

In our Childhood, the "Grown-Ups" quoted Many Old-Sayings / Wisdoms:

FOOLS Rush-IN ... Where ANGELS Fear-to-Tread !!! ;-)

I Explore Most-ALL "Conspiracy-Theories", and I Find "Tartaria" / "Mud-Flood" a Pleasant sort-of-Respite from the Somewhat "Black-Pill" of: "It's the jews Stupid!" and "Race-Realism"!

MANY MANY Folks, when they Become "OLD": 60 ... 70 ... 80 Years old ...

LOOK-BACK on Their Foolish-Youth, and Remark that it seems that They have ONLY just Begun to Glimpse TRUTH ... and Then They DIE !!! ;-)

The REMNANTS of the Wonderful HUGE "Tartarian"-Architecture of the Previous-Age, so-called "Greco-Roman"-Architecture, and "Recent" "Copies" (West-of-the-Mississippi USA etc.) can Still be SEEN by us Today! :-)

At it Simplest: "Giants" CONTINUE to GROW (rather than as we STOP Growing in our Late-"Teens"!) ...
A 1,000 year Old GREAT-KING would Be 60' Tall [Towering "Head+Shoulders" above ALL Others), whereas his Younger-Court of "Blue-Blood"-Nobles would "Only" be 500 years old and Heads Shorter!

It SEEMS most-Likely: that Just-LIKE a QUEEN-Honey-Bee is MADE by FEEDING a Larva "Royal-Jelly" thus FULLY-Activating the "DNA" to Build a LARGER+Fertile Long-Lived QUEEN, versus the Millions of Smaller Infertile Short-Lived-"Workers" ...

Just LIKE the "Ancient" Greeks (Vesuvius was Actually 1631!!!) Describe: the GODS EATING: the "Nectar-of-the-Gods/IMMORTALITY" "Ambrosia" (Which "Ancient" "Vedic" Indians called "Amrita") ...
Perhaps the BEST more Un-Selfish Noble Courageous Self-Sacrificing LITTLE-Mortal Loyal-Obedient-Child-Like "Humans" in-YOUTH were ALSO: PUT on a Privileged Diet of "Ambrosia". (MAYBE THIS Generosity was the DOWNFALL!) (It SEEMS that the HUGE Versailles Palace with Extensive-Gardens of 1,000+ Water Fountains etc and 100s of Great-Rooms had virtually-NO "Toilets"! - Perhaps "Giants" LIVING on NECTAR Like Metamorphised: Bees, Butterflies, Moths etc, Did-NOT "Poop", Like Leaf-Eating-Caterpillar-like we-present-Tiny "Humans!)
(Those BORN-to "Giant" Mothers + Fathers who Would have ALREADY-Been-EATING "Ambrosia" would of course have Already been Growing FAR-Larger Within-the-Womb!)

Albert said...

Perhaps just-Like: WE are very very FRAIL as Young-Children and sensitively FEEL the Sharp-PAIN of even the smallest Thorn-Pricks of Out-doors-Nature (as well as "Critical" / Criticisms, Slights, dis-Respects!) whereas as "Grown-Ups" we are Not-Quite-Sooo-Sensitive + and a BIT-More "Thick-Skinned" "Hardened" by the "Blows-of-Time" -- The NEW-Diet of VITAL "Ambrosia" Provided: a Body and BRAIN ENHANCING Transformation: Which Gradually REPLACED the Carbon in our WEAK "Mortal" "Human" Bodies with SILICONE. (Silicone-Rubber is STRONG but STILL very FLEXIBLE!) (Perhaps the Previous-Age Had FAR More Carbon-Dioxide + a THICKER Atmosphere, and HUGE Silicone-TREES! -- Hence the "Devil's-Tower" Tree-Stump, and "Mesas"!)

PERHAPS we were Quite-Recently-CREATED as a Sub-Set "Worker" "GARDENER"-Creation ("Adam" - Certainly Aryans Naturally LOVE Nature!), and Rather-than BULL-SHIT-"Evolution"... -- like imperfect [dis-genic] Copies-of-Copies, we have been Rapidly DEGRADING!
(Especially AFTER the (((SLAUGHTERING))) of the VERY-BEST-Young-Men of Successive-Generations in the so-called: "WWI-WWII" 30-Years: Cull-the-Best-of-the-'Goyim' Brother-"Wars"!)

Perhaps there ARE: VAST "Un-discovered"-Continents like Admiral-Byrd SAID (Hyperborea + "Santa"-Like Generous GrandFather-like "Giants" are Located at the NORTH-POLE!) where "Giants" STILL Reside ... And "Santa"-Like / "Jesus"-Like "Giants" WILL Indeed soon-COME to Re-Establish: Nature's GOOD TRUE: Sanity Justice MERITOCRACY:
-- Leadership BY: the MOST-Worthy + Generously Upliftingly-KIND!
(NOT Petty Vicious DESTRUCTIVE "Hostile-Takeover" "Middle-men" (((Lying-CROOKS)))!)
The "Giant" KINGS of Old were indeed: "All-Knowing" "All-Powerful" + "All-Good" !!! :-)

Perhaps WE Petty Weak Foolish Gullible PROUD Vain Pathetic Present "Humans" ARE indeed INCAPABLE of FREEING-OurSelves from THIS (Python-Like) Ever-Tightening-Encircling "Clever"-(((Global-Prison))) ...

Hence our DESPERATE vain: Turn-on-Each-Other, Divided-and-Conquered, IGNOBLE, Deteriorating-into-LITERAL-INSANITY: Sad Tortured-HEARTS' - "Cognitive-Dissonance"! ;-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

Albert said...

I Posted THIS below the Myth of the 20th Century #147 Show :-)
(For REFERENCE for my Above-Comment ;-)

In 38 days it will be 2020

"Hind sight is (always) 20 / 20"

100 years ago and more the ((("Kalergi"))) plan was con-ceived ...

50 years ago like little children we were IMAGINING going-to-the-moon,
and we "Watched" (((The Jetsons))) and IMAGINED a Bright WHITE Future ...

(((they))) having already "perfected" FAKE-"money" "Media"-Mind-Control, and Polly-(((Ticks))) had OTHER plans in store for us!
Now over-night: MILLIONS of "Sub-Saharan-Africans" / "Somalis" are FLOWN-into our Formerly Super-Majority WHITE-Nations,
and Slipped-IN over-night by the Hundreds ...
- without EVER having even "ASKED" White-Nationals -
into ALL-Expense-Paid-by-WHITE-Nationals Accomodations, into the WHITEST-Areas of: US, Germany, England, even Ireland! :-(

Steve-Jobs was OBVIOUSLY a jew!
The story of (((him & ass-ociates))) visiting Bell-Labs, SEEING the "mouse" and Graphical-User-Interface (and Ethernet-networks and Laser printers), and Hardly being able to con-tain / con-ceal (((their))) excitement over in the Future STEALING such from the "naive"-"Goyim" and Progressively con-structing a "mouse-trap" to: Attract (with the Lure of "FREE-Cheese"), Trap, and DESTROY: the FREE White-Race ... was even successfully "spun" for years, to be "innovative", "Empowering", "Maverick" etc! ;-)

Now, looking-Back with 20 / 20 VISION, we can Painfully SEE:
That we SHOULD have "Removed" the (((rats))) Loooong ago
-- NOT: Helped-(((them))) to STAB the HEART of Europe !!! :-(

🌝 🌚 🌞

OK the Story is Specifically that Jobs & Wozniak went to: Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)

But (((they))) even have (((them))) Beginning by STEALING long-distance phone calls from (Bell Labs') AT&T

🌝 🌚 🌞