November 21, 2019

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2019.11.18

Brizer's guest: David Dubyne

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Albert said...

How can you Know what you "do-Not" (Yet) Know?

You can Know (((who))) Rules Over you, from (((who))) you are "Forbidden" to criticize / Name.

A man's Wife Catches him in bed with another woman ...
Man: "Who are you going to BeLIEve, ME, or your "Lying" EYES!?"

Like in the Star-Wars Death-Star Sequence: "Stay on Target, Stay on Target! ..."

> "It's the jews Stupid!" and "Race-Realism" really are the KEYS to Our Present (((Mind-Prison))) !!!
(Oy Vey! -- Hitler was a "jew" / "jew-Shill" Goy! ;-)

As a Relief from the "Most Folks are "Sheep"! Black-Pill ... I Enjoy: "Tartaria" / "Mud-Flood" :-)

Sooo many have Asked: "How can the (((Tell-LIE-Vision))) FAKE "Moon-Landings" etc?!"

--> IF you have ever even Dabbled in CREATING: When you begin with a Blank White: Canvas, Paper, Word-Processor ... you can LITERALLY Create whatever you WANT! (You can TYPE: The Sky was Green, the Land was Blue, and the Ocean Red, as EASILY as TRUE Descriptions!)
-- The Difference between ACTUALLY Building: An Amazing Fairytale CASTLE, and WRITING a few lines Describing-such is IMMENSE!

We CAN still Actually-SEE: HUGE "Cathedrals" etc, which are OBVIOUSLY: BUILT-for-Giants!
At it simplest: Giants CONTINUE to Grow BEYOND the Height of 6' present "Humans", and TALL Giants are Quite a bit OLDER, Stronger, + Smarter than us!
-- MANY SEEKERS-of-TRUTH remark that: You barely BEGIN to Glimpse TRUTH/Wisdom, and then, being the "Old" age of 60, 70, 80 ...
-- You DIE!

HOW can we even begin to Know: WHAT our TRUE "His-Story" was / IS? ...
(When "His-Stories", are just strings of LIES ... "Agreed Upon" by various "Authorities"?)
--> We CAN STILL SEE: Remnants of such: In the Previous-Age's: Buildings in our Cities, and Vast: Canal-systems, Star-Forts etc...
-- And, also within: our Hearts, Nature, and "DREAMS"!

Lastly: Our Truly-LOVING-Parents, and a (((jeffrey-ep-stain)))-Like Kidnapper May indeed SEEM similar in MANY Ways!
And, in the Beginning the (((abductor's)))-FAKE-Facade MAY even SEEM "Better" than the "Stern"-Rules of our Truly-Loving-Parents ...
(Who, indeed, WANT us to soon Grow-Up to BECOME: STRONG + Happy-Creators!)

> (((middle-men))) -- The DIFFERENCE in QUALITY Between: "Cult-Leaders" and Assembling-the-TRUTH Step-by-Step For-OurSelves ...
-- Is that the "Love-Bombing" of the CULT: FIRST Points-Out/Presents some-verifiable Real-World descriptions (the Sky is Blue etc.) -- But THEN Quickly "Jumps-INBETWEEN" with MIND-Warping "SMARTER-than-Anyone-Else" ("Joining-US - "Makes" YOU instantly "IN" the "Smart"-Club! --- which THEY can REVOKE at an Instant: For any "Wrong-Think"!) "Interpretations" ...

>> But, of course, The True TRUTH, is WITHOUT CONTRADICTIONS !!! ;-)
(Our HEART(S) would be Becoming Truly HAPPY! -- Not: Writhing-in-PAIN from: "Cognitive Dissonance"!)
-- But, Amazingly: Soooo many Folks actually "Prefer" LIES !!!!!!!!!!
(And "Thinking" that THEY "fit-in", are "Smart"! -- MANY Folks are Now soooo Stupid, that they don't even Know: that they are Stupid!)

There is a Quote: 2Thes 2:10, which some Interpret to mean: "They PERISHED because they Did-NOT LOVE the TRUTH!"
-- And, of course: The TRUTH will Set you FREE! :-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

Steve said...

The TRUTH about what will set us free ? The keys to our present mind prison are not contained outside ourselves but within.

froz said...

48:50 - yes! Those water wells. Got one near here outside Warsaw in the village I am in. That is where we get our drinking water from. Pumped from deep underground. Free well, you can just pull up and fill up 5 litre bottles with it etc. Good quality clear water, can drink without boiling.

And re returning glass bottles, we still have that with glass beer bottles in Poland. You can return them and get like 20% back on the original purchasing price.

Water bottles are now all plastic though just about. But back in 2001 I still remember, you could get carbonated water, with CO2 bubbles ( how dare you!) in glass bottles and you would return those too with your next purchase etc.