November 21, 2019

Myth of the 20th Century #147 - 2019.11.20

Bell Labs – The Idea Factory

Myth of the 20th Century




Albert said...

In 38 days it will be 2020

"Hind sight is (always) 20 / 20"

100 years ago and more the ((("Kalergi"))) plan was con-ceived ...

50 years ago like little children we were IMAGINING going-to-the-moon,
and we "Watched" (((The Jetsons))) and IMAGINED a Bright WHITE Future ...

(((they))) having already "perfected" FAKE-"money" "Media"-Mind-Control, and Polly-(((Ticks))) had OTHER plans in store for us!
Now over-night: MILLIONS of "Sub-Saharan-Africans" / "Somalis" are FLOWN-into our Formerly Super-Majority WHITE-Nations,
and Slipped-IN over-night by the Hundreds ...
- without EVER having even "ASKED" White-Nationals -
into ALL-Expense-Paid-by-WHITE-Nationals Accomodations, into the WHITEST-Areas of: US, Germany, England, even Ireland! :-(

Steve-Jobs was OBVIOUSLY a jew!
The story of (((him & ass-ociates))) visiting Bell-Labs, SEEING the "mouse" and Graphical-User-Interface (and Ethernet-networks and Laser printers), and Hardly being able to con-tain / con-ceal (((their))) excitement over in the Future STEALING such from the "naive"-"Goyim" and Progressively con-structing a "mouse-trap" to: Attract (with the Lure of "FREE-Cheese"), Trap, and DESTROY: the FREE White-Race ... was even successfully "spun" for years, to be "innovative", "Empowering", "Maverick" etc! ;-)

Now, looking-Back with 20 / 20 VISION, we can Painfully SEE:
That we SHOULD have "Removed" the (((rats))) Loooong ago
-- NOT: Helped-(((them))) to STAB the HEART of Europe !!! :-(

🌝 🌚 🌞

Albert said...

OK the Story is Specifically that Jobs & Wozniak went to: Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC)

But (((they))) even have (((them))) Beginning by STEALING long-distance phone calls from (Bell Labs') AT&T

🌝 🌚 🌞