March 31, 2020

Celeste Solum - "COVID-19: Disruption By Design - The One World Government Cometh" - Update 3/27/20

The below video is "the Onion" segment about taco bell that is truer than you think.

This was released on Feb 3rd but should be viewed.


Noor al Haqiqa said...

Thanks for the giggle. Those Onion folk do some very funny stuff. They are so droll it is scary.

Nona said...

Yeah, the woman is talking Constitution and Public Health, except, that Older Generation was healthier than us, today.

In Colonial days, health was not a priority. there were other more important things to think about. Why can't she figure this out?

Today, there may not be the same diseases, but there are NEWER diseases...probably, created in biolabs. ...actually, there are a whole bunch of the old diseases, except modern people/science, ignores them. These diseases still exist, like leprosy.(no cure, it hasn't been erased), and parasites.