March 31, 2020

UK Column News - 30th March 2020

                Some good info here folks

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Zeebra said...

Thanks for posting Brizer. I often forget about Brian Gerrish /UK Column -- I went through a phase of binging on GerrishCo a few years ago, watching countless hours of his talks, interviews etc re "common purpose" & what we now call pedogate. He's been on the trail of global #Pedogate, elite child trafficking/SRA etc, for years before #Pizzagate emerged out of DC (Oct 2016) & breathed new life into the topic. Brian's point was, (pedogate) can bring down the cabal, coz the crime outrages normees in a primal way. When pizzagate emerged, MSM went into crisis management mode, rolling out their fake "Fake News Problem" psyop with rare coordination & intensity; but it backfired coz their "protesting too much" mainly served to underscore how REAL PG is, & what a mortal threat to them if exposed!