March 31, 2020

Ice Tea is showing Full Body Bags, making a "Body Count"

Piece of Shit! In case you did'nt know Ice tea used to be in the band "Body Count"


Scorpio said...

Apparently, the people issuing the marching orders know that a lot of people are questioning what's going on, so Ice-T was called upon to do some damage control. This refrigerated truck nonsense looks like another prop, like the giant medical ship that they parked in front of the statue of liberty and the military helicopter that did an air drop of supplies to the infected cruise ship.

Nona said...

Speaking of the cruise ship, it just occurred to me, there may be a lawsuit against the cruiseline and port, in the wings.

Amanda said...

@scorpio--Yup, lots of theater, stage props to sell the narrative. All those outdoor tents for testing b/c the "hospitals" were over-flowing was a load of BS--lots of people have documented empty hospitals and empty testing tents.
And some of the photos are so over the top--total fear porn. Saw one today w/guys in full yellow hazmat gear carrying a coffin (like the scary virus is going to jump out of the body and out of the coffin). They are literally LYING about everything with this one.

Davis G. Lurmann said...

Yo'! Ice-T ma'nibba, where wuz ya'll when uz nibbaz wus having to mo'fuggin'eat people in the New Orleans terror-dome during mo'fuggin'Katrina?!
Bitch ass IceT, go back to yo'Jew run, shit TV-show about white people commit'in all the crimes.
TV = Te-Levi-Zion
Long live honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan, and fug'yo weak black ass Iced-Cuce, T, whatever!