March 31, 2020

Coronavirus Rhapsody by Queen | COVID-19 Karaoke


Chains said...

Ha! that was a good one! (not gehy)

Panzerfaust said...

Very close Freddy Mercury, who incidentally died from a virus.
Innuendo was his swan song, highly recommend.

Amanda said...

Good one! Thanks!
I thought Freddie died of AZT??

Amanda said...

found this in comments at ziohedge:

At 1:07

Rap musicians are better than doctors at predicting.

"2020 combined with coronavirus, bodies stacking" - lyrics in a rap song from 2013

Panzerfaust said...

He died of a virus transmitted through rectally invasive social contact.

Amanda said...

the theory that HIV causes AIDS was based on scientific FRAUD--it was the AZT, a toxic chemotherapy drug that killed those people
The original group of gay men who came down with AIDS (in NYC and San Francisco) did so b/c they blew out their own immune system with their extremely unhealthy lifestyle and high risk behaviors, especially the use of a sex/party drug called "poppers" which were known to suppress the immune system. The virus was the cover story--scientific fraud.

Panzerfaust said...


Liam said...

AIDS was originally named GRID - Gay-related-immune-deficiency.
Guess that was bigotry, given sodomy is socially accepted now, so how could sodomy cause physical or mental health problems?