April 02, 2020

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2020.03.30

Brizer's guests: Lark in Texas and Hans Utter.

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Voltman said...

Logos, pathos, ethos, memes...

"We're in a memetic war"

"A meme is a method of social replication"

"successful memes allow the parasite to infect the host"

"If we adopt the language of the would-be conqueror, we give in to the conqueror"

"Slavery begins in the mind"

Alfred Undaunted

Posted by Monika

"This letter from Alfred was written before the crazy Corona lockdown in Germany and much of the rest of the world.

I have no idea how it is all affecting the prisoners – are they being locked down in their cells 24/7? I do not know. They certainly have stopped all visitors from entering the jail. So, we will wait for news in the next letter."

"Monika, these people working at the last of the holy cause control points remind me of little children who start screaming no matter what. They don’t know what they want. I’m sure you have experienced that with little kids when they are very tired and don’t want to go to bed."

"By the way, I quit my job gluing dots for €1.50 per hour to spend my time more productively in my cell. I told them, now I’m 65 and want to enjoy my retirement properly. They were O.K. with that. No beating, no whipping, they were cool. I really do enjoy my new freedoms as a retired IBM executive."

- Alfred Schaeffer


Voltman said...

Yukon Jack March 31:

Listen to Charlie Giuliani go off about this situation:


awesome show

Ellis C Taylor:

The owner of the London Evening Standard newspaper Yevgeny Lebedev, was one of the Russian mafia apparatchiks thrown out of Russia by Putin, Tony Blair allowed them into the UK because they were all jews. Lebedev is a bilionaire homosexual, he untouchable for his abuse of teenage boys as was Greville Janner and co, Lebedev said several weeks back that a false flag operation would be used to collapse the economic system, and that jews were getting their money out well in advance.


RickB said...

Awesome show indeed, Voltman. Thanks for the link. Thanks for the lead to Giuliani's show.

KnownUnknown said...

Yep I heard Charlie yesterday, a bit too much screaming but he did nail it.

Voltman said...

You're welcome RickB.

Here's another good one.
Amerika slowly locks down
Richie from Boston

par said...

Brizer - I very much enjoyed this show ..both of the guests had lots to contribute with and the message was educational as well as it did encourage to piece more puzzle pieces together..

Liam said...

Another great show, Brizer.
Good assessment par.

I think alot of the music of my youth has that 'brown' frequency Hans Utter mentioned as it sure gives me the shits these days.

Brizer said...

You're more than welcome Par and Liam. The puzzle is falling into place and it's great to see so many folks waking up to this latest nonsense. This is our chance. Use it or lose it.