April 02, 2020

Former Vodafone Boss Blows Whistle On 5g Coronavirus Iot Vaccine Digital World Currency


Steve said...

Interesting, I am open minded about all this 5G rollout in relation to corona, but I have to admit i'm cautious also. How do we even know this guy is who he is ? I've heard very similar info over the past few weeks, the 'christian' aspect does give me doubts however.

Areo Platoon said...

Funny how he doesn't disclose any information to prove his credentials and can't pronounce hauwei... You know that giant mobile phone producer that's been around for decades... The one that Vodafone has been locked in countless battles with...

Also glossing over the fact that '5G' isn't a new technology and airports around the world have been using it for donkey's... Oh and the lack of any evidence for any of this of course. Scientific ignorance in action .

Steve said...

Whenever I hear people say 'God spoke to me' it makes me very wary - funny how God never spoke to him about the negative health aspects of 2, 3 and 4G, while he was obviously making a good living as Vodafone boss, assuming he was.

Holly Woodrow said...

Our masters 've had us on our knees a very long time

par said...

..another "short one" coming in..

..if it is "not possible to reverse" (5G and health impacts of the 5G radiation) then he is aiding a predictive programming of us into "accepting it"

..he has a "hobby level" of "talking on vaccines" ..though ..he is correct in naming that "medicine and other objects ingested or injected" can be "switches" turned on and off ..as well as phenomena can be "implanted" starting processes in all cells (like in "growing a cancer”) and switch off the immune system allowing every cell to grow "sick (and filled with “cancer”)" and then later (as in a hospital visit) can be switch back on so the immune finds itself in systemic life threatening over reaction in being “allowed” to actively do its “job”.. (..check vaccinefraud dot com for references)

.."God's people" ..we are in God's creation ..there are "creatures" opposing "life" ..that would be "anti-God's people" if so..

..since he has no guts to name “the chosenites” ..what value does that (not) “add”.. ..these technologies most or all of them are developed in oversight/hijacked/implemented from Israhell..

..there is not much power in the hands of entrepreneurs really ..the privately owned governments of the world (making the legal code for corporations under their charters) are the owners of “central banks” ..this is one of the most common misnomers most all and every one runs with ..the government law stipulates the incorporation rules and must be obeyed UNDER (the government law) ..thus ..the “membership shares” of the “”private” banks is not to construe with the “OWNERSHIP SHARES” of the same ..there is always this hidden “private hand” behind all of the elits construction of their own private trusts ..Rockerfeller or Rothchild was mentioned to have some 7000 private trusts he operates to keep his assets “UNDER/BEHIND” ..the really smart ones running trusts will give away all its ownership to the party of its trust – I don't recall the technicalities* - in exchange for the trust holding the responsibility of paying said “persons” economic liabilities.. ..and since the trust is 1) private and 2) the ownership of transferred elements is eternally given away to the trust NO LEGAL COURT can “get their laws/hands” to penetrate into it..
*(study stopthepirates.blogspot.com or brillianceincommerce.com for the hints of how it is done)

To be a “church” is regulated by government and thus a CORPORATION! ..to be with creation is to live (anti-evil).. ..to be with a “church” is to be with a “corp (-us) orating” (speak through an other (“body”) and not from my self)

The “churches”/Christianity feels really like the “Freemasons public layer” ..the Free masonic hidden orders are their “real church” ..any monetary system is a “nobility project” ..and he admitted he works with “nobles behind the scene” for a God's Kingdom currency.. ..and he admitted almost he was in the team for the “new (one) 'true' religion” on top of that..

True barter is in true commodities and normally a use of an accepted valuable barter inter-medium commodity carries the “function of money” (..in old times the inter-medium barte item could be butter ..the famous old times “not even for all the butter in..” is a remnant in our expressions of that fact..)

..the video seems somewhat hyped and “hysterical” in its “push”..

par said...

I concur w you Steve ..god points on your part ..as well as “Aero Plantoon” ..well worth to consider.. ..how can we rule out this is not “produced for those stretching after straws” to cling on..

Red Orchid said...
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