April 02, 2020

The SCAM is Unraveling: Empty Hosptials Reveal The BIG LIE

For Zeebra...


Nona said...

There's only one doctor? She doesn't look harrasses or tired. Her eyes aren't droopy, with bags under the eyes. She looks very wide awake and with pink cheeks.

Can you say, "crisis actor"?

Og said...

haha and the normies keep the teevee on
eating up this shit

She seems to be a fake

Scorpio said...

This is a very important video.
I hope more people film their hospital and post it
on the internet. The hospitals are empty because everyone
is huddling at home in fear, therefore much fewer accidents, etc.

Voltman said...

A survey of some of the results of engineered stupidity.

Don't Forget to Wash Your Hands!
Truthstream Media

"I think it's time to wash my hands"
Said Pontius Pilate.

Very superstitious...

Zeebra said...

good vid compilation - but the instance U posted chainsaw is a mirror of JeffC's original, re-up'd by a smaller YT ch who doesn't really deserve the (skimmed...) 'traffic', new subs etc.

Orig @ JeffC's ch:

it would be good form to edit this post, switching the URL to JeffC's above!

Zeebra said...

^ that YT ch is called "TM Films" with 8.42K subs atm:

^ & they happily accept Likes/Subs/Donations -- is it an informal backup of JeffC's? Or is it a straight up grifter channel, skimming off the work of orig content producers? I see they DO properly link to JeffC's orig instance of the vid... so, wtf?

Amanda said...

@zeebra- thanks for the clarification on Jeff C--I get so confused about which channel is his b/c he's constantly changing it (I guess b/c he gets kicked off youtube/his channel gets shut down). I think his channel has changed a bunch of times since the days of Sandy hook and the other early hoaxes.

Thanks for posting this one--thought it was a good one b/c of the juxtaposition of the actual MSM reports and then the citizen videos of the real facts on the ground.

Also, this Dr. Colleen Smith lady seems like one of the chief propagandists for this fake hoax story--apparently her NYC story about the "apocalyptic conditions" at Elmhurst got picked up at news outlets around the world.

Jason Goodman has some interesting info on her here http://gold-silver.us/forum/showthread.php?102096-Heroic-Citizens-Fact-Check-the-LYING-MSM-about-Corona&p=963969&viewfull=1#post963969 (apparently, she is a self-proclaimed "medical simulations specialist"- so Jason asks whether she was doing a simulation when she was telling all the lies about Elmhurst).

Also, Dr. Smith also said something about diagnosing patients with a CT scan saying results are consistent w/corona (so diagnosing by just CT scan and not even using the tests w/the 80% false positive rate). Jon Rappoport said this is what they were doing in China--CT scans, pneumonia diagnosed as corona, even though there are lots of causes of pneumonia, including toxic air, which he says was a known problem in Wuhan (air pollution was so bad that people were protesting w/signs saying "stop poisoning us").

Amanda said...

Also, fwiw- I thought this woman did an excellent job (she's a medical courier, so goes to bunch of hospitals a week)

Zeebra said...

aaw, thx for that for Zeebra... edit of the post, chainsaw!

worst case I saw of youtube grifting was, early 2018 when anything with Qanon in the title was a lock for thousands clicks even if the (grifter's) channel was brand new, much higher for the popular channels. I was keyword-searching 'Qanon' daily so saw the daily parade of originals + grifters.

Worst grifters would copy a popular Q-tuber's vids which could be days++ old; they'd re-title them where the title read TODAY's or even TOMORROW's date as if it's super-duper-fresh; they'd CUT out any inconvenient opening where the real creator recited the date; & they'd WATERMARK the vid in the corner with THEIR OWN LOGO -- AS IF!!