June 17, 2020

About Racism

    When I was thirteen years old I went up to Parent Québec on a train and then took a de Havilland Canada DHC-2 Beaver for the rest of the way. When we "landed" on the lake, the silence was deafening. We had scared off all the creatures great and small with the sound of the engine.

   By the way, The cabins and lake were owned by the Molson family.

    The next few days were gorgeous but the temperatures were different than what I was accustomed to. You see, this was autumn and during the day it would get up to 16C (60F). During the night it could go down to -15C (5F).

    In any case, what I'm getting at is that Joe(lol) the indigenous guide that we had was working for the Molson family and was living there all year round taking care of the cabins and hunting. This was my first encounter with a racist asshole in my life. As I was sitting in their cabin for my first breakfast, Joe ignored all of my questions as if I was his enemy. He did not answer any of them. On the other hand, his wife was one of the nicest ladies I've ever encountered.

    I can only guess that Joe had some bad memories of the white man from the past but what the fuck does that have to do with me being only thirteen?

   The questions I was posing were about hunting. I obviously wanted to learn all I could but he wouldn't even tell me about his rabbit trail. I did figure that one easily though lol.

   The rest of the trip was cool and we went hunting. I had a BB riffle with a .22 telescope. I got to use a 520 and 12 gauge for the first time. The only thing positive I can say about Joe, Is that the guy could hunt. It was amazing to see, the grouse would take off and he would blast their heads off.in mid flight. We never chewed on a pellet during the whole trip.

   I still don't truly understand why Joe was so mean to me. OK. I was White but at the age of thirteen, I had not done anything to merit his behavior towards me. So far, back then, my karma was clean in this life lol.  



Archie Titus said...

I bet he thought you were a Jew.

Just kidding, but it wasn't at the time when your mother was married to one?

zapoper said...

No. She had already divorced him when I was ten years old. That shit show only lasted four years.

Archie Titus said...

I wonder if you would have gotten something out of Joe if you'd had asked him, hey Joe, are Jews really God's chosen people?

zapoper said...

I mean the whole lake, cabins and huge terrain was owned by Steve Molson of the beer company. I was too young back then but they are probably jews.

In any case, people like Joe usually don't know the difference between Whites and Jews. My mom was dating a friend of Steve and that is why I had access. I think he was a WASP and not a Jew.

Archie Titus said...

Thirteen is a most impressionable age. Obviously there was something up with him and not with you.

Let's face it though, much harder to meet thirteen year old's these days who have anything genuine and interesting to say.

Hope you have the pleasure of saying hello to one and being remembered for your generosity of spirit. That goes for me too.

Nona said...

"Joe blasted the heads off them." - That is SOME Indian, part of the land, eh? Innocent, suffering Indians, just taking care of the land, that's all.

Hunting as a sport. Hunting not for food or survival, but for the fun of it.
And if the Indian resented the White man so much, why did he use the White Man's rifle?

zapoper said...

To be fair, we did eat every grouse we hunted. That is why I wrote that we were not shewing on pellets.

Most hunters do not take pleasure in killing animals.

I don't imagine vegans surviving what is coming although when the NWO is officially announced, we will all be vegans if we survive the trials and tribulations that they will throw at us after all is said and done.