June 17, 2020

Amazing Polly, Max Igan, Vernon Coleman & Joni Mitchell

The Green Green Grass of Home

"Tech was so much fun before the Globalists ruined it. Life was so much easier before the Globalists decided to keep updating everything overnight! I'm bummed to have to talk about business/money but the bank has just changed its rules & subscribers / contributors need to know.  I'm a bit Grumpy today." - Polly The Amazing Contact Tracer
  • Max Igan: Everything is Ass Backwards
  • Dr Vernon Coleman: 'The Second Wave
  • Mr. Potato Head is Coming!
  • Joni Mitchell in Concert

 Polly Has email Overload
Looks like Polly said something the Masters of Discourse didn't like:
The Truth! - Here's the Bitchute link:
Grumpy Polly addresses "improvements" that do not improve anything, endless updates, tyrannical Big Tech companies always making it harder for the user (e.g.: Twitter, skype, microsoft email), Memphis Meats growing fake meat trying to label it as real meat, the Bank that won't cash her incoming checks unless they are made out to Polly Media.
Attack of the Updates & Note to Contributors
VIDEO backup on Bitchute 99freemind:
 The Watchtower Goat
Max Igan
While You Were Preoccupied...

Max Igan talks about Mass Distractions, the
stuff they put in vaccines, continuous health
monitoring, media spectacles to ampLIEfy
the contrived riots, Australian politics, the 
lockdown and the need to push back.
  • Heat sensors in shopping malls
  • A Hydrogel Biosensor for Detection of AβO  
  • Xenobot, the World’s First-Ever "Living" Robot
  • 14 million dollars raised for Pretty Boy George Floyd?
  • Everything is more than backwards, it's ass backwards!
  • 600 DOCTORS PLEAD WITH TRUMP... (to cure him?)
  • Australian VaxXed Bus Mobilizes The Truth About Vaccines
Look up...waayyy up... It's a Heat sensor
Mr. Potato Head Has a Sign For You
Vernon Coleman
Dr Vernon Coleman explains why ''They' want
a second wave and how they'll arrange it.

The Old Goat in a Chair
Winchester Catreedral
Golden Angel Song Bird
Joni Mitchell in Concert In London 1970

This is a beautiful performance from Beautiful, Charming and Talented Joni Mitchell.
The BBC should have stayed out of politics and just produced concerts like this one.
Chelsea Morning 0:00 (from Clouds, 1969)
Cactus Tree 3:15 (from Song to a Seagull, 1968)
My Old Man 7:56 (from Blue, 1971)
For Free 11:35 (from Ladies of the Canyon, 1970)
California intro 16:25 music 18:15 (from Blue, 1971)
Big Yellow Taxi 22:21 (from Ladies of the Canyon, 1970)
Both Sides Now 25:46 (from Clouds, 1969)

The Circle Game - Joni Mitchel

Just Married


Steve said...

An Open Letter to Del Bigtree


Nona said...

"The Second Wave".

I just want to know: HOW DO T H E Y - the "Experts"- the MSM - the Feds - KNOW THERE"S ANOTHER WAVE?
Are they prophets? Remote Viewers?

How do THEY know, UNLESS T H E Y are the ones spreading it?

I say N O ! THere will be NO 2nd wave!!

It will NOT Pass!!

zapoper said...

Didn't the WHO say that there would not be a second wave? In any case, we all know that they can flip the switch any time they want.

"We have a resurgence. You All go back to house arrest now". Which is what I mean by flipping the switch.

It would make sense that they would do a second round again because some small businesses are still alive.