June 17, 2020

Mandatory Masks In Rainbow Unicorn Land!!!


zapoper said...

OK. Maybe Côte Saint-Luc is as big as Israel but Canada is bigger than the USA. ROFLMAO.

Even my low IQ neighbor is now seeing people in their cars with masks and feels like punching them out. You don't have to be super intelligent to see the unbelievable bullshit.LOL

I'm still working on my neighbors to have some sort of neighborhood watch. It is a work in progress lol. I can't even get them to buy six month worth of food and they have the means. I have three months of rice and dried beans so far but that is all I can afford for now. Still working on that. I might not be healthy but at least I will survive.

One is a hunter. He's got a riffle but that's not too handy in a house setting. I keep telling him to buy a pistol. No joy there. LOL

The newer neighbors are even more of a hard sell. Sure they are good people but cannot see shit from Shinola. I even saw one with a mask the other day.lol


BillyBob said...

Report from SwOntariario: Mayor of town has rat line, many people call him! It's great fun to go out and laugh at the Covidiots who are caught in a mobius loop: They watch the CBC they get scared to death, then are forced to pay the CBC $1Billion every year to get scared more ... perfect endless feedback loop.

Moron-Fleece the Moron-Scare the Moron-rinse repeat.

Chains said...

Billy Bob the CBC is chalk full of sock puppets in the comment sections. People today do not read the article they read the comments. They know this. It is indeed an endless feedback loop for those who can't see.
Zap I'm talking with people every day and most people are non committal on the covid thing. Its's so disgusting and annoying but I behave myself with them :)