June 17, 2020

DON’T Flush the Loo! – Lingering Corona | Carl Vernon

from the comments section

"This has to be the weirdest virus ever, so far we’ve learned that it’s dangerous in schools but not so much in Tesco, it can infect people you love but not people that serve you in Your local co op, it’s more devastating for bald men but also somehow effects long haired women too, it can live on Amazon packages for 48 hours but your drive through Starbucks coffee cup and your takeaway pizza trays are fine, it runs rampant on children’s parks but not in the mile long queue at Primark, your safe collecting a Maccies drive through but gyms are a death trap, it lives on cash at the checkout but not on the chip n pin pad that hundreds of people touch everyday, wearing a mask won’t protect you from getting it but it will protect those who don’t wear a mask because you’re wearing a mask, it can jump out at you if someone flushed the toilet and the next thing we know farting will be deemed a dangerous activity and we will be banned from walking downwind of each other just in case x"

"Well this looks like another reason to boycott OCD BS shops ASAP, that's if there's no big white telephone available. What sane person wants to traipse around satans own siht hole Primark whilst breaking your neck for an effing whizz?? What a mad mad world."

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