June 20, 2020

Eyes Without A Face - Mandatory Mask Madness

BTW that thing in th red is a tranny LOL


Captain Ahab said...

Ohhhhhh!!! So it was because masks were in short supply for health-care workers. But, hey!,...it's Dr. Fauci!...he's real smart and a he's a 'scientist' as well, so I better listen to him and his special kind of logic. And did that female news anchor come straight out and call him a liar? Do not see that very often!

I went to the grocery store today and had to stand in line(6ft. apart baby!)for awhile; while in line, I was observing things about me, and I noticed all of the manpower that was being devoted to enforcing these new measures. Each cashier, after every tranaction, would wipe down: their check stand, the conveyor belt, the CC machine, their keyboard, and then change their gloves. I then watched as there were two employees in the front of the store, directing customers to maintain their 6 ft. and to make sure each customer was going down the aisle in a proper direction.

Then, as I scanned across the store, I saw how there were employees in the meat, deli, produce, and bakery departments, ALL in their own way, maintaining these new procedures as they were dealing with customers. And, as I left the store, there were three employees who were assigned to spraying down the carts and baskets after each customer had used them.

All of these measures directly interrupt the natural ebb and flow of natural social interactions. When we go about our day-to-day routine, most of what we do is not conscious and occurs below the level of consciousness. What Heidegger would call being 'into the flow!' Now, always forced into the sphere of one's consciousness is, "Did I clean this? Did he touch that? My mask isn't on right! Was this wiped down? Are they 6ft. apart? and on and on...The psycho-emotional consequences of this are incapable of even being explored!

Chains said...

I know what you mean, yesterday I told my dentist to stop sending me covid updates and to please remove me from the patient list and that i was going to look for a new dentist. They have been sending me weekly pdf updates that I don't read.
My favorite restaurant has opened and we went for a burger Friday night. My wife and I were on of 4 couples in a 72 seat restaurant. To their credit, their portions were at least 20% larger than i remember. I hope these independents can make it through this.

Captain Ahab said...

Shit! Don't tell me that Chain! Oouch! I've got to go and see my dentist here in early July and I am not lookin' forward to going in there and have them grab me like a dog and say, "Here are our NEW RULES because of Covid-19. We're going to need you to do this and wear that." Barrf! We are watching people regress in front of our eyes like helpless little children. One of my favorite of Bukowski's is, "when the bottom falls out, it's a terrifying ride!

Panzerfaust said...

Yesterday I got a cough, fever, intestinal dysfunction, and body aches. A phone call with a shitlib family member ended badly:
How dare I not submit myself to the medical-industrial complex!

Last night I consumed quarts of orange juice and slept under three heavy blankets in order to "break the fever".

I just woke up with my clothes soaked and the fever is gone.

Chains said...

Glad you're still with us Panzerfaust :).
The other thing with these crazy dentists is young children are going to be traumatized with their new policies. Imagine being worked on by a bunch of people in hazmat suits with high rpm drills in your mouth! It will give the poor child nightmares for weeks after they get back their regular routine of going to school and standing in their voodoo circles :)