June 20, 2020

Grandstream: Fiona Marie Flanagan 19 Jun 2020

            Fiona brilliantly outlines Communitarianism in this presentation. 


Og said...

Brizer do me a favor and stop posting this dope, she's a fuck eejit


Og said...

fuckin dope thinks covid-19 really exists

I warned you a year ago she was a dope

*give her time" fuck off
she's a dope

zapoper said...

Hey Ognir. Don't crash the party dude! LOL

Og said...

hey zap wouldn't dream of it

Brizer said...

Hi Og, I didn't know Fiona a year ago. I've only known her since March. Maybe you are confusing her with Gemma O'Doherty? Btw, Gemma thinks Covid is also a big hoax but she won't touch the JQ or Communitarianism. She reckons it will be a Islamic/Communist takeover. But then again herself and John Waters have taken on the government through the courts over this lockdown bullshit.
Meanwhile, Fiona believes Covid exists but is well aware of the JQ and she even touched on it on this stream and her understanding of Communitarianism is excellent. Both ladies are well versed on the Big Pharma mafia, vaccines and 5G.
I have sent Fiona links on German New Medicine and videos from Andrew Kaufman showing that viruses do not exist. She said she will look into it but for now she is on board with Prof. Delores Cahill who reckons the lockdown is ridiculous but Covid exists. She's also on the same wavelength as Judy Mikovitz (a possible gatekeeper) and others. Unfortunately, there are so many "truthers" buying into this narrative and it's hard to convince them otherwise. They fall for the "appeal to authority" fallacy because Cahill and Mikovitz are doctors/professors so they must know what they are talking about. Virus denial is nearly as bad as holocaust denial lol.
I certainly won't post any shows she does pushing that Covid exists but on this topic of Communitarianism she is on the ball.
It's very hard to get everyone on the same page so feck it I'm not going to dismiss people just because we disagree on a few things. It's counter productive imo.

Og said...

she sounds a bit like alex jones 15 years ago
95% truth and all that

She goes on twitter, broadcasts that covid exists, without any proof
another aj heading our way

Og said...

She can fuck off, I deny it

Fiona Marie Flanagan @fionamflanagan1 · Jun 19

I must take a stand against those who deny that Covid-19 exists

It absolutely does exist and is dangerous for the vulnerable

I know 4 people who have had it & recovered

It is the govt response which is disproportionate given that overall fatality rates match those of the flu

Brizer said...

Ah c'mon man, that's unfair. She only woke up to all this stuff 5 or 6 months ago. She was on a stream with GT and Dolores Cahill a few weeks ago who has been pushing that covid exists and because she is an immunologist, Fiona and many thousands of others believe her. As I said, I sent her the other side of the story and she told me she will look into it. I can't do more than that.
We have been at this game a lot longer than her so we can smell bullshit a lot quicker. People can change their mind on things given time. It has been known to happen...a lot. Don't be knocking people down on the first few hurdles after waking up. As I said, it's counter productive and creates division.

Og said...

Brizer are you fucking joking me, stop making excuses. This fucker came on twitter today and tried to piss on people like me and many others that have done the research.

Best thing for her the next is to STFU when she knows fuck all about a subject

Brizer said...

Ok argue the case with many well known nationalists and hardened truthers out there who also believe this stuff. They will also try and piss on you too. What then?

Og said...

You answered yourself, if all this fake nationalists and truthers think covid19 exists, what does that tell you about the state of affairs in Ireland, we're FUCKED

Og said...

PS I'd better not mention the 6 million
Shall we let her away with that as well

Zeebra said...

it seems whether covid19 'exists' or not is moot at this point; I've been successfully confused by the mixed opinions of the skeptical & lockdown/slave-masks/distancing-critical docs who don't even agree on whether "viruses" as a whole exist!

Early on MSM was reporting it had elements of SARS & HIV right? & Skeptical docs then held that up as proof it was lab engineered bioweapon. So the 'confusion' among 'patriots' (who have no bio/science background) is forgivable, as surely as I don't beat myself up for not being 100% certain re the bioscience reality of it. So I don't beat up other 'patriots' whose take on the question varies from my own latest thinking.

Fiona: "It is the govt response which is disproportionate given that overall fatality rates match those of the flu

^ That's the only 'truth' I'm certain of -- & how (((they've))) been planning this shit for decades.

Captain Ahab said...

When talking about 'viruses,' RNA/DNA, 'nucleic acids,' it is somewhat analogous to the problems one has when discussing quantum theory. Though not at the same microscopic level as the 'entities' in quantum theory, cellular biology has its own attending problems of 'objective clarity' when discussing phenomena so far removed from conscious experience

Because the scale under question is so small and removed from experience, many of the issues have to do with 'measuring.''calculating,'and 'appraising.' One is not observing the functions of a cell the same as Pavlov observing his dogs. The observations and interactions here take place at a miniscule level under a microscope. From all of this, then, one has to establiship some kind of consistent, coherent, and intelligible causal model that makes sense at the level of experience.

When one goes to Google Images and types in virus, all one gets are CGI examples! So, what then is a 'virus?' I've never seen one! I'd be willing to bet that much of the theory of 'cell function' in biology is based on metaphor, analogy, and word pictures and that over the years had developed into a coherent and established, agreed upon paradigm. Maybe that is why there are so many doctors who disagree about the nature of a virus; because it is still a mystery!

Og said...

Fiona Marie Flanagan @fionamflanagan1 · Jun 19

"I must take a stand against those who deny that Covid-19 exists"

I followed her until yesterday, showing my support even if I knew she is behind in some areas of research but why the fuck did she need to come twitter and bad mouth 10'000s of researchers with her limited knowledge. I think the jewtubin is getting to her head.

Fuckin dope she is, via her statement she is justifying the government's action of lockdown, mask wearing and all the other bullshit we've suffered over the past 3-4 months.

She's a very limited hangout imho

Zeebra said...

^ Og, I just don't get your 'public' inflammatory tone, vitriol, name calling, towards Fiona. She's certainly no dope; her forte is socio/economics, not bioscience; & her "jooflu-19 does exist" opinion is in line with most Dr/PhD's who are also critical of the lockdown/slave-masks/distancing... the big-pharma/allopathic/vax-friendly viruses & germ theory paradigm are what's universally taught in western schools! "No viruses" is a distinctly minority opinion today, in spite of its possible truthiness.

& ur tone demonstrates, it's a WEDGE 'DEBATE' at this time, vs the JWO endgame afoot, with the real-or-fake "plandemic threat" as its pretext.

Reminds of (((their))) attempts to retard 911 Truth progress, by baiting activists into infighting over... what if anything hit the pentagon, planes/no-planes @ WTC, & the exact method the towers/#7 were demolished. /rolleyes

Og said...

Hey Zeeb you are on the fence, you call it covid, what is it ?

Another thing Zeeb you probably know fuck all about fiona and her new Irish party funded by jews via nigel farage

Feel free to talk shite anytime you want

Zeebra said...

No I know nothing of her new Irish/zio party, do tell. Something in cahoots w John Waters?

And not a Nigel Farage expert, but he can't be all bad, as he said positive things in sympathy toward Palestinians; was either 'friends' or loosely associated with some (French?) 'Hoax truther, & he championed brexit... so the UK shlomos all smeared him with the anti-shlomo label, & he disappointingly tried to walk back some of those 'sins'. :~(

Zeebra said...

I plead ignorance re "what covid-19 is"; hard sciences were never my forte.

the Brave JooFlu World Order Plandemic aspect of it is obvious though, to all with eyes to see, & I don't plan to get bogged down infighting re covid/germ/virus/etc in my activism towards informing others resisting the JWO plan. Ur lashing out at Fiona is bait in that counter-productive direction!

Og said...

I wonder if fiona looked more like hogata would we still be having this chat


Zap posted a few months ago about mami's being a place where too many 50+ white guys hungout, lol he nailed it

Long live hogata

Zeebra said...

Fiona's easy on the eyes, bonafide MILF; but I like that she's a great communicator, breaking down complex ideas/conspiracies for the layman. :~)

Rowan/Grand Torino's a great communicator too; & great singing voice -- seems he has some musical background -- I've never heard him or anyone else give his background there.

Rowan concerned me in the past though re his banging on "the muzzie invader problem", inciting "useful" animosity/violence there (similar to the MSM/jooz' current BLM/Antifa/Soros divide/conquer agitprop'ing); but never heard him bang on the ROOT, the JP/Kalergi Plan... sort of Tommy Robinson-esque agitprop'er that way...