June 20, 2020

Fat Man and Little Boy

The names of the bombs that they dropped on Japan. It sounds pedophilic but it's just a coincidence. LOL


Forge The Bond said...

Nagasaki was where the Christians were, so mybe they dropped a "Little Boy" who could fight back on them vile pedo-priests.

jerry said...

Nuclear bomb bullshit again. The fucking trees and flowers were blooming and alive and well the following Spring. They're even giving tours of Chernobyl: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g294474-d3370334-Reviews-CHERNOBYL_TOUR-Kyiv_Kiev.html

We've been played for a very long time!!

zapoper said...

Take it easy jerry. This was a joke about their names.

Forge The Bond said...

As everyone has probably heard, Vera Lynn died the other day. Singer of the greatest War era song of all time, immortalized by Kubrick in the closing sequence of Dr. Strangelove.

One helluva juxtapositon: We'll Meet Again with One Flash and You're Ash.