November 06, 2020

Big Pharma's house of cards





The 19th century experiments of Louis Pasteur ushered in the germ theory of disease, which for more than a century dominated the practice of Western medicine as well as our cultural and economic life, Dr. Thomas Cowan writes in his new book The Contagion Myth.

Shockingly, Cowan points out that the inventor of pasteurization admitted that his campaign “to prove contagion was a failure, leading to his famous deathbed confession: “The germ is nothing; the terrain is everything.”

Unfortunately for us, modern medicine failed to take his admonition to heart.

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Harry McFudd said...

This is really good Zap. I must admit I have spun 180 on this subject. This line of reasoning is the only logical path. Science has failed us because it is done by humans, humans manipulated and following a corrupt system.

Archie Titus said...

So, a virus is really a exosome and exosomes are not contagious?

So all those colds I caught when I was in my teens and twenties was my body's coping mechanism to stressful moments. Reactions and consequences for being unable to get a proper handle on life in a difficult and cruel world?

And if I caught a chill and came down with a cold or flu it probably wasn't something that I caught from somebody and would not be able to share it with somebody else.

Sounds plausible to me.

jerry said...

@ArchieTitus the way I read this is that diseases aren't spread by bacteria or "viruses" (exosomes) but by toxins entering our bodys thru pollution and toxins in our foods (prepared foods or fast food outlets like McDonalds) and in the air we breathe. Look at all the prepared frozen foods in your grocery stores ... most of them highly toxin laden.

I was talking to a health care professional the other day and he said that lead is a major pollutuant found in autopsies of our bones after we die. He also said that lead was also found in the bones of people who lived far away from what we call civilization ... in the remotest areas.

jerry said...

Another major source of air pollution are chemtrails. Scroll down and read up on them and decide for yourself if they're a significant source of serious health concerns. Who said they could spray that stuff over everyone? Are you ok with them doing that?

jerry said...

One more thing ... the last time I got the flu was in 1997. I was living out in the country at the time and no one was near me (I lived alone). How in hell did I get the flu??? Nobody touched me or sneezed on me or coughed my way, but I still got the flu!!!!!

Amanda said...

Here's Dr. Cowan's book:

The Contagion Myth: Why Viruses, Including Coronavirus, Are Not the Cause of Disease By Thomas Cowan, MD, and Sally Fallon Morell

And here's another good one:

Virus Mania: How the Medical Industry Continually Invents Epidemics, Making Billion Dollar Profits at Our Expense

I'd love to find Janine Roberts' Fear of the Invisible in pdf form, but so far no luck. I've read lots of it online though at It's really unbelievable that they have been able to get away with such BS garbage science in virology. Janine's write-up on the "science" around measles really shows the scam ( It's disgusting that they've been able to get away with this and use it to steal lives with the MMR vaccine)

And here's Dr. Kaufman's red pill expo presentation on the covid BS fraud:

Tim Osman said...


Thanks, forgot that book was around the corner (Contagion Myth)

zapoper said...

Thanks for the book Amanda.

It took me five minutes to find Janine Roberts' Fear of the Invisible in pdf form but I'm not bragging or anything like that. LOL

Amanda said...

Zap- Oh, wow, thanks!

Archie Titus said...

Exasperation. Definition: a feeling of intense irritation or annoyance.
I think I did experience episodes of exasperation when I was a child and into my mid teens.

Exasperation was probably the reason for me being asthmatic when I was very young. And when I beat asthma at around eight years old my exasperation might have continued because of the pills I took for my asthma which perhaps was the reason why I suffered from regular colds for the next few years.

I took quite a few pills for my asthma which probably did me more harm than good and which probably contributed to me being exasperated. I prefer to believe this rather than believing that all my colds were due to catching them from someone else suffering from a cold.

I'm sure when you were a child you would agree there were many things to be exasperated about during those innocent, over-bearing, suffocating years.

I wonder what kind of children are being produced today and if many are exasperated in this suffocating 21st century? Statistics tell us many are not doing so well.

PS: thanks for the pdf links