November 06, 2020

Lauren Southern & Larken Rose - An Intelligent Debate

Open Borders
Lauren Southern & Larken Rose
 What "Spiritual People" Are Like This Election
JP Sears 
JP Worries About Biden
Lauren Southern vs Larken Rose - Open Borders
An Intelligent and passionate debate where both sides make a whole lot of sense. It is not one OR the other; it is the synthesis of the best of both.

Larken is adamantly against "violence". He doesn't acknowledge that violence is natural. It is what establishes necessary boundaries. All animals are violent when necessary and they don't give a damn if you disagree. 
We are dealing with criminally insane control freaks who believe they can order us around any way they want; they happen to be known as "the government". Like everything else in this fake society, it is a fake government. It is a pack of very well organized criminals and predators; but people call it "the government". 
Imagine a "presidential debate" with Larken Rose and Lauren Southern...instead of the ridiculous clowns that are  propped up by the International Banking Cartel that owns all these crooked phonies. 

What Spiritual People Are Like This Election
"In this video you'll see what spiritual people are like during this presidential election of 2020. From their hope with Bernie in the beginning of the year, to their current relationship with Biden and flirting with Trump, you'll see their whole journey of struggles with this election!"
JP about Biden: 
"Not being able to think probably helps him follow his heart not his head. That's all we want eh?"

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