February 27, 2013

David Duke Show 2013.02.27

Today: Dr. David Duke has a very special show today about an incredible guide to life written in 1902 by James Allen. The book is titled, As a Man Thinketh and deals with how what you think about and focus on has an enormous impact on your life, relationships, success, happiness, and heath. IN this first part sharing of this book, Dr. Duke shows how a true revolution in this world can only occur from a revolution within each one of us. Not only have we learned the truth about the evils of the media and government policies, but we must also learn how the media has nefariously affected on our behavior, vices, perceptions. Why we must consciously direct our thoughts and actions to purify and ennoble our minds to release the true and healthy spirit that we are.

Even before finishing this description, emails are pouring into www.davidduke.com saying this is one of the most inspiring shows they have ever heard, and they await for the conclusion in tomorrow's show!

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