February 27, 2013

Reconstructions Live with Mike Sledge 2013.02.27

The first broadcast as Reconstructions Live. Tonight I will be presenting the “NATIONAL PROTECTIONISM” Manifesto. I will be presenting this manifesto for the first time. This is a broadcast that I hope can unite all the Nationalist movements globally. It is time that we stand up as International nationalists against this global tyranny.

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Kyle said...

Thanks for the edit, Zap. You beat me to it. It sure would be nice to have an operation like some people where you can actually get clear audio consistently..

zapoper said...

Yeah that would be nice Kyle. The fact that he got on the phone and the audio kept on being choppy tells me that it's obviously on Blogtalk's end. Unless there's a weird mini van parked near Mike's place sending microwaves and shit. LOL

Welcome to the Tim Rifat world Mike. LMAO

js said...

A must listen

Anonymous said...

A "conspiracy" is simply 2 or more people working together to commit a crime. This guy needs to learn basic definitions.

Marty Ellis said...

Hot damn Mike!

I knew you had it in ya. Quite inspiring. Tonight might have been your tipping point in life itself. Keep it going man. You will drag many in with your message as the word gets out. Thanks and good luck.

Thanks also to Kyle, Zap and Mami !

ThusSpokeYahweh said...

Hmm.. is Mike hanging around Truthmilitia or...? The Anti-Racist is a code word for Anti-White song at the end and slight undertones of the show really were disappointing in my opinion.
Sure anti-multiculturalism, but.. yea I just don't like the tone of most in that crowd.

Anyways this is just my opinion and hopefully some constructive criticism, keep an eye out on what is influencing you Mike.

Doyle said...

I'm 20 minutes in and like it all so far!! If the rest is half as good as the first 20 minutes, than this is easily one of Mike's best!!

Cuntkicker said...


Where do you get this idea that you're any kind of fucking guiding authority on anything?

Great show from Mike.

Anonymous said...

I would like to add,

We need money and street people to get the message out.

Also people need to get involved in there community, not just listining to the message.

Having families and having your children being the stars of this movement, sorry guys this is a generational concept.

Also we have to keep Jewish influence out!

Anonymous said...

Good going Sledge.I knew you could get your shit together.You have the talent to articulate the message when sober like only a few can.

Great communication !

ThusSpokeYahweh said...

@Cuntkicker Did I say I was guiding authority on anything? I dislike the anti-racist is code word for anti-white crowd because it's mainly a bunch of unintelligent people such as yourself.

"White Genocide!!" Here is an idea, go forth and breed. End of problem.

Multiculturalism should be handled properly and I don't see those people doing anything constructive yet quite the opposite, creating 'racism' and making it harder to work with people in.. America.

Anonymous said...

Good show Mike. For the record Muslims don't allow women,Blacks or Jews to have any power over them in their respective countries. I think we could learn from them. I wish people would give them a bye when analysing our situation. The fact that their women are extemely modest shouldn't be held against them. We are too used to half nekkid Lady CaCa or Beyouncy boobs. :D RBG

Anonymous said...

Fuck Toofmilitia guidos.

Tracy W. said...

What you did was quite brave Mike. You put yourself on the spot; but not while alone. You did it out in the open leaving yourself to ridicule and such if you fail in your personal changes.

Perhaps instinctively you know that doing things in such a fashion allows you to draw strength from those that would love to see you fail. Who knows? Maybe your spirit knows and is getting pissed off at what you are doing to its physical being. A good spirit without a healthy physical body can become quite limited.

Your choice of discarding the jew juice will resonate with others. A few or more decades of jew juice is a loss of money and health. It also multiplies jew power in a multitude of ways.

Thanks for sharing.
Your voice is influential Mike. You have talent to reach others in conveying messages. My money says you will bring it to the next level, whatever that might entail.

Anonymous said...

'ThusSpokeYahweh' obviously does not understand the depth of the social engineering and the impact cultural marxism has had on the western world.I would suggest listening to Sledge's archived shows and Kyle's.

Mike is coming into his own now.This is exactly where he needs to go.Great work Mike.

MaryC said...

Actually, Bishop Tutu is Anglican not Catholic. And, no, they're not the same.

MaryC said...

However, apart from that gripe, I love Mike's manifesto and I think he should be prez lol

Anonymous said...

keep up the great work guys, the renagade network stands heads and tails above all others and will continue to rise.

please keep pushing real solutions mike, each show is better than the last and i cant wait for part 2 tomorrow

ThusSpokeYahweh said...

"Anonymous said...
'ThusSpokeYahweh' obviously does not understand the depth of the social engineering and the impact cultural marxism has had on the western world.I would suggest listening to Sledge's archived shows and Kyle's.

Mike is coming into his own now.This is exactly where he needs to go.Great work Mike."

I understand quite well, but when you are targeting other races (besides the Jew) who are victims of this social engineering, you only help the Jew.

Hitler captured the heart of the German people and came into power through virtually very little violence or blood being shed. Try to make this "national protectionism" a white movement and try to get somewhere in America..
people have to realize that America is far different from Germany culturally, racially, etc.

The road Mike is going down is not a good one and is doomed to fail.
Yet it seems like he is feeling all the more confident because he is now getting praised from many White Nationalists who are either too unintelligent to understand politics, economy, and least of all social issues.

I understand the European plight, but I also understand all the races plight. You are being played against each other and as you are divided... so shall you fall.