February 27, 2013

Mark Dankof’s America Feb 27, 2013

Mark’s news summary references the Sheryl Gay Stolbergfront page story in the New York Times of February 26th, entitled, “Republicans Sign Brief in Support of Gay Marriage.” Mark also mentions his 60 second sound byte on Press TV/Iran yesterday on the Treyvon Martin case with reference to his own article on Treyvon Martin a year ago, and Pat Buchanan’s essay, “It’s All About Race Now.”
Today’s guest was Arthur Topham of RadicalPress.com of Canada, presently defending himself from hate crimes charges in Canada. One topic of conversation concerned Joseph Brean’s piece for Canada’s National Post on Mr. Topham’s attorney,Douglas Christie, entitled, “‘It’s the end of everything’: Defender of hatemongers, free speech fighting terminal liver cancer.”


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