February 27, 2013

Spingola Speaks 2013.02.27

Guest:  11-12: Joshua Hart, Director of Stop Smart Meters; Just Say No to Big Brother's Smart Meters.

12-1: Deanna talked about the Allied bombing of Germany. She specifically talked about the bombing of Dresden and the probable historic reasons for that bombing.

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Beep said...

The second half on Dresden and the Manifesto of First Anti-Jewish Congress in 1882 is well worth listening to.
More details: http://wakeupfromyourslumber.com/blog/fester/manifesto-first-anti-jewish-congress-dresden-sept-11-1882

Anonymous said...

Now now, if you go pointing out my genocidal tendencies, it might hurt my feelings.

Since wimmin got their head in politics the repression of free speech has continued apace.

All blessings of "Tertius Gaudens".