February 27, 2013

Keith Johnson's Revolt of the Plebs Broadcast Feb 26

Keith discusses JEWEYWOOD.



Robert W. said...

Good show.
Please consider getting a new microphone as the distortion level is so high I am reluctant to recommend your show to others.
Also, please consider changing networks. Try Renegade by perhaps contacting Kyle Hunt.
Thanks for your show and this site for putting hit here.

Side Winder said...

It was so cool to have Mark Glenn show up and ponder Big Foot being responsible for Sandy Hook. I suppose he could be the one that set up about four websites for Sandy Hook victims well before the event took place.

Keep towing the mainstream line Mr Glenn, you will get on one of the big networks one of these days. You are on track for it.

Keith, you might want to stop kissing Glenn's ass. I know he loves it, but still, it is so embarrassing to hear. Yuck.

Unknown said...

Side winder your ignorance is nauseating,you still going on about sandy hook? Moron! As for towing the main stream ....You serious? Why don't you do everyone a favour and step out in front of a car..
Please !!! Your nothing but a keyboard warrior,COWARD !!

Anonymous said...

Good comment sidewinder. I hadn't even considered that MG could be trying to groom himself for, how do we say... some kind of joozmedia-safe "dissident voice" gig?

Good on Patti calling in @ 1:59:20, citing TUT/GlennCo's anti-s.hook-skepticism campaign and its hypocrisy as it pertains to all the issues those same TUT hosts speculate on, sans positive evidence, all the time. And of course MG had to come on later to re-hash his same fallacious & worn out ad-hom/strawman shtick against whom he called "sandy-hookers" (to KJ's chuckle).

More that ever:
"Abandoning support for The Ugly Truth"


^ as censored by TUT blog. - 'PatColo'

Anonymous said...

new @ Prof. Tracy's blog today:

February 28, 2013
Open Letter to FAU Administration by Filmmaker Adnan Zuberi
(Originally Received January 22, 2013)

Dear Dr. Heather Coltman and Dr. Diane Alperin,

I have examined Professor James Tracy’s writings regarding the Newtown, Conn., massacre and I am briefly presenting a case-study to you on how a university can deal with this situation. I was awarded by the University of Toronto for my documentary entitled 9/11 in the Academic Community which examines how academia treats critical perspectives of media or governmental narratives.


see all Prof. Tracy's S.Hook blogs- prolly the most "academically rigorous" among those questioning the S.H. psyop,


Another angle in deconstructing TUT/GlennCo's anti-S.H.-skepticism campaign which I didn't touch on in the essay you can read at the gold-silver.us link in my 7:48 AM comment above:

Re TUT's "must keep 'our movements' cred in the joozmedia by not questioning/discussing S.H." argument; imagine GlennCo got their wish, and there were no skepticism buzz resulting from the incongruency-ridden S.H. event and its joozmedia propaganda/psyop campaign which followed.

If zion.gov/joozmedia thought it would be "useful" to fabricate and publicize an S.H. skepticism buzz which had heavy overlap with 911/anti-zion/etc "Trutherism" in order to lump them together and "discredit" the whole lot-- they could & would do just that! What did Karl Rove boast, "we create reality..."?

So GlennCo's incessant whining in every recent podcast would make NO DIFFERENCE in the (false) "reality" which zion.gov/joozmedia fabricated & presented. -'PatColo'

Anonymous said...

@sidewinder--good point on Glenn. He's completely lost all credibiity, as far as I'm concerned. And on Keith, I also stopped listening to him (as well as Glenn) way before Sandy Hook even occurred b/c they were always going along w/the official story on these shootings (except, of course, when a muslim as the accused). They both definitely went along w/the official story on the Sikh Temple shooting, where witness reported seeing MULTIPLE shooters and the guy they caught used to work in US psych warfare(nothing suspicious about that, righ?), and on the Batman shooting, when witnesses also saw accomplices, plus the shooter was wearing a mask so nobody really ever saw the guy.

@anon7:48- thanks for the update on Patti pointing out the HYPOCRISY of the Ugly Half Truth hosts.

I completely agree w/you on "more than ever 'Abondoning support for the Ugly Truth (aka Ugly-Half- Truth)"


Anonymous said...


Another announcement is that all blogs and links to The Ugly Truth were also removed during the housecleaning purge. Although not immediately apparent, Northerntruthseeker and I have parted ways with Mark Glenn and his organization The Ugly Truth due to the January 13, 2013 appearance on Current Issues with Hesham Tillawi. During this broadcast Mr. Glenn, Michael Collins Piper and Mr. Tillawi made the statements that any truther who believed that the Sandy Hook tragedy was a false-flag operation, comparing it to 9/11, were “crazies” and an insult to the truth movement. I had previously contacted Mr. Glenn to confirm that this was his public opinion on the issue. Although shocked and amazed that he had taken this position, I was reluctant to write on the matter until further information could be obtained, or additional understanding from Glenn which I hoped would be forthcoming. It never arrived.

Then I wrote the essay on distrusting Jews last Friday, Jan. 25th.

A few comments were not very flattering or favorable of Mr. Glenn, and maybe, they should not have been approved looking back in hindsight. Knowing Mark Glenn the way I thought I knew him, I made the assumption that he could handle a few distasteful public opinions without deflating his ego too much. It wasn’t like he hadn’t already suffered through some negative publicity on previous occasions. I could not have been more wrong and incorrect.

Glenn proceeds to send me two blistering emails replete with ugly profane insults, hateful statements to “drop dead,” and “go to hell,” then caustic opinions on my southern heritage, it was one hateful insult after demeaning insult, etc., and then his supreme reasons Sandy Hook should not be classified as a false-flag, like his opinion was the only one that should matter and everyone that didn’t follow suit was no longer welcome in their truth camp. Well then, good riddance!

Mark Glenn professes to be a Christian, but there was nothing Christian or even Christ-like in those horrid emails. I’ve never even heard him speak about his enemies in the same manner or with the same veracity. It didn’t even sound like the Mark Glenn I thought I knew. Who would guess that a demon (metaphorically) lies underneath that calm exterior just waiting to be unleashed.

This is the main problem I personally have with so-called Christians. They tend to be some of the meanest, most hateful people you will ever encounter, especially fundamentalist Christians. If you don’t share their exact religious philosophy they will discard you like trash. (Please do not misconstrue this message. My opinion is in relation to the Christians only I have encountered and not Christianity as a whole.)

Side Winder said...

@ Liam James comment to Side Winder

"Side winder your ignorance is nauseating,you still going on about sandy hook? Moron! As for towing the main stream ....You serious? Why don't you do everyone a favour and step out in front of a car..
Please !!! Your nothing but a keyboard warrior,COWARD !!"

This response reminds me a bit of a guy that called a radio show to a jew that was filling in for Alex Jones. The jew Burmas told the caller to take a toaster oven bath or some such thing. In other words, kill yourself. Are you a jew?

What do you mean "you still going on about sandy hook"? I just started! My goodness, do you assume much?

Yes, I was serious about towing the main stream line on Sandy Hook.

Oh yeah, I did step out in front of my car and noticed it needed some minor scratches on the hood that needed some attention, so I buffed it out with a bit of car wax and looks good as new. Or, I guess perhaps I did it wrong? You wanted the car to be moving fast, right? In that way I could be killed, right?

Your opinion of me being ignorant, a moron and a coward is a lot of name calling. Name calling such as you do seems very jewish to me. Again, are you a jew?

Anonymous said...

@1:35.00: Little Man Behind The Curtain: button yer lips!

Keef enjoins all to read just the NT words in red, JC's. I see that includes Matthew 5:39: 'But I say unto you, That ye ***resist not evil***: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.')

Unity Consciousness?

Anonymous said...

People who whitewash Islam, who accuse you of doing the the work of the Jew if you express criticism of the attitudes and behaviors of more than a significant percentage of the Muslim immigrants in the European world, and who argue that the presence of a large number of Muslims in the European world is a good thing because they reject the "sinfulness of the West," effectively piss on our Germanic and Hellenistic traditions-- not to mention reason and humanity.

Anonymous said...

There is one show on the Jews' Bravo, that characterizes Jewish women, and that is, of course, "The Millionaires Matchmaker".

And a shoutout to Patty, Your sarcasm was not lost on me, and shame on Keith. Sandy Hook was a Jew job!

Anonymous said...

Glenn chimes in from the control box: "Sandy Hookers!", intending to coin a mind-blanking phrase like "Conspiracy Theorist".

Thanks MG for telling us where you're coming from.