May 29, 2014


Surprisingly this is good interview, my hats off to Ed, he had all the right answers and never lost his train of thought through out the interview.


Unknown said...

Snowjob is a controlled opposition actor who makes the useful idiots think that if there was anything really bad (like the 9/11 Lie) then this heroic guy would tell them. There are very good reasons why he gets so much sensationalism on the Jew Tube.

Unknown said...

jews would never promote someone so heavily in heir media if they were not controlled opposition and were actually revealing anything of significance exposing them ,and he revealed nothing that we didnt already know years ago

and besides goyim the panopticon doent work unless the prisoners are aware that they are being watched , weather we are being watched and surveilled as heavily as he says ,or more so, or not at all ,as long as the people believe that they are being constantly monitored 27/7 then they will self censor , and be intimidated to not dissent, this is the purpose of all this , it is a just another kikological jew mind fuck
just the fucking heebs and and their social engineering at work as per usual ,nothing to see here

wanda said...

Edward Snowden...

edWARd sNOWden...

^^ WAR NOW ^^^

Any questions?

Here's another... this is how you KNOW you're looking at bullshit:

Bradley Manning = Brad Man

Brad Man = Nailed Man

Nailed Man = Jesus Christ


Jesus Christ... we been played !!

Anonymous said...

"Edward Snowden NBC ..." This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by NBC Universal.