May 29, 2014

Texe Marrs Podcast 5/16/2014

The U.S. is being destroyed as the factors that bind us as a nation of one people are torn down. Those factors include a common history, shared religion, cultural similarities, laws, borders, constitution, morals, language, education, and voting. The United States is not a democracy. Politicians are corrupt. Voting is a waste of time. There is only one Party—the War & Money Party. Jewish interests are elevated, national interests are demoted. The Constitution is disregarded as liberal judges—mostly Jewish—cram homosexuality and gay marriage down the peoples’ throats. ObamaCare and illegal immigration are also being forced on an unwilling population.



Anonymous said...

I love that Mami's promotes Texxe even tho Mami is kinda anti-Christian. But there is no way to resist good ol' Texxe, he is the typical grandfather we all miss and his intro music is sooo awesome. Especially the ditch in the sound wave, as if it's from a dusty VHS cassette.

zapoper said...

You're wright in your assumption and I think WHOOLI is the only "believer" in here but I love the guy and let me explain why.

He passes no judgement on the rest of "us". Never complains about most of us being "liberals" and most importantly: Gives us the liberty of streaming "elite Jew Pigs Guilani" every single day without complaints from himself or the one above.


zapoper said...

I kind of like to be off topic cause I can. LOL

The Persian Drum said...

Salutations from England.

I am very grateful to Mami's and similar websites which have opened my eyes to the reality of those who lord it over us. If it wasn't for Mami's superb depository of information, I would never had have been led to read the writings of Ford, Count Cherep-Spriridovich, David Irving et al.

With that said, I am a Christian, and -- even though I cannot deny nor discount the Hebrew/Jewish nature of the Torah, the New Testament and the Messiah himself -- this doesn't mean I let slide the destruction being wrought by world Jewry. I was once a 'Christian Zionist' and even visited Israel with a Jewish family who I'd known for twenty years, but Mami's links here to Brother Nathanael, Texe Marrs and Gilad Atzmon have set me straight, and now I try to show my Christian neighbours (and others) the error of such thinking. My 'awakening' has meant the loss of long-time friends, even within the Christian community.

On the other hand, despite the flagrant agenda of world Jewry and my efforts to oppose it, I can't automatically 'drop Christ'. His teachings, his examples and his very person are the essence of love and righteousness, not death and destruction, despite Giuliani's analysis, which he is entitled to.

As for the New Testament's Paul, his profound letters demonstrate, with careful consideration by the discerning reader, how Christ brings unity and peace among all peoples, destroying the wall of antagonism and hostility that is the modus operandi of Talmudism and Rabbinical Judaism.

So once again Grizzom team, thanks for linking to Texe and the other Christian commentators, and for being inclusive with regard to your site's visitors.

Aleksa said...

Even I don't like christian fairy tales,I still can stomach Mars and few others!
Regardless to the fairytale ,they still can provide some good info.

Aleksa said...


OK,I respect your believes!

But the problem is that most of you with those believes constantly keep bothering other people with it!!
I for example believe in my fridge!!
It keeps my food and beer cold trough the year and helps me survive.
But I do not go around and keep convincing people that they all should believe in the fucking fridge ,and constantly bringing it up in every single conversation I have!!

What ever you believe ,keep it to your self and don't bother me with it!!
You believe for you,not for me!!

Anonymous said...

Frigdus Christ

Shelf 2:5 the eggs may replenish your stomach when the dawn arises in the East.

Freeza 5:1 the ice is eternal, hallelujah

A-man and A-women

Aleksa said...


Hey Tele,stop mocking my religion,you antifreeze!!!

Unknown said...

For the sake of inner peace I've quarantined myself from Giuliani's Island where the natives are tacitly trying to prove to non-natives that they're descendents of monkeys and green slime.

Gotta love those guys.

Putting all discourse with the natives aside and speaking from the mainland, what has been buried beneath the mountains of deliberate defamation of the scriptures is that not only has the authenticity of the scriptures been proven mathematically as early as 1899, but, as wrote the mathematician, Ivan Panin,

"The [mathematical] phenomena are there and there is no human way of explaining them. Eight men cannot each write last, 97 books, some 500 pages cannot each be written first. But once assume that one Mind directed the whole, and the problem is solved simply enough; but this is Verbal Inspiration—of every jot and tittle of the New Testament."

See also,

The Inspiration of the Scriptures Scientifically Demonstrated
by Ivan Panin

... always good to hear from Texx.

Anonymous said...

I am the Antifreeze, speaketh the Lard

Aleksa said...


You just prove my point!
Some things in bible might be true ,but my Fridge keeps my food on perfect 4 degrees Celsius!!
It didn't ever kill anyone and never tried to rule over anyone!!

Sorry to disappoint you,,but I won't converte,my Fridgus Frost will save and help me as long as I live!!

Father,forgive them,they left the fridge door open!

Anonymous said...

Thermos' Dad 9:4 Celcius

Keep my Kingdom cold for 1 day and 1 night and I will open heaven's gates with riches that I haveth preserved for thee, and it was so.

Aleksa said...

And the Fridge has shell freeze for 40 nights and 40 days!

Unknown said...

And so the scriptures are scientifically proved; how does pointing this out translate to trying to convert anybody? My point is that Christianity is not the religion of fools. I'm glad you have a working refrigerator; many do not, Aleska. Perhaps, given that science is on the side of the Good Book, you may consider showing a little respect for what is considered sacred and holy by its adherents.

SatanicJewsClues911 said...

Do I see the Foot prints of Hell at the Door? Repent Goyim.....
Giuliani 3:16

Unknown said...

What I can't stand about xtians is that they don't give a damn about what I, or any non-believer, thinks about anything.
Every friggin' thing in their life has to be filtered through their belief system, and, they simply disregard any notions that do not rest UNDER their belief.

And they are all so eager to "go thee unto all the world, preaching ...", which means they won't leave you alone but are always looking for some opening to try to influence you, or "convert" you to their way of thinking. It is like they are working on some kind of spiritual commission, where they get credit for any and all "souls" that they can hornswaggle into their particular flavor of xtianity.

And they act like "the bible" (whichever one they happen to favor at that moment) is inerrant, inspired by * G O D * (whatever the hell that means), and they won't even so much as give a tiny fraction of a second's thought to maybe checking it out scientifically - NO WAY, the bible is the end all and be all to all there is one needs to know!!!!!!! In 1952, Johnny Stanley made a parody on this, which he titled "Its in the Book!" - give a watch:

Even educated, intelligent, otherwise very scientifically-oriented, and logical-bent scholars go off the deep end when it comes to their xtianity. It is like watching a well-oiled and finely tuned sports car spin out of control with gears grinding down when brought onto the xtianity highway.

Anymore, I ignore these people as soon as I see them flipping that proselytizing switch in their brain - you can see it in their eyes that they are about to inject their xtianwise comment into the discussion that was going along fine - I just look away and refuse to hear the "pitch" that spews forth from their mouth.

My two cents worth.

What do I believe? It is just a hunch, but, I suspect that if archeologists were to dig down deep for bones in northern Europe for thousands of years in the past, they'd fine bone samples of humans whose DNA would be so close to what we are still today that they could pass for one of us right now. In other words, we europeans have been running around in northern Europe for thousands of years and we don't need no stinking johnny-come-lately xtianity to shed any light on anything - all Rome did was to confuse us and deny us our heritage which was thousands of years old before Rome even knew we existed.

I believe we Europeans are a special people and we need to look to ourselves, not some pie in the sky sacrificial lamb, for guidance. We've been here a long time and we'll be around for a long time, unless we get bamboozled to the point of extinction.

But I still listen to ole' Texe - he gives them jews hell and that makes up for it.

rodin said...

Dangle Berry...

There ARE no xtians just as there is no xmas or nazis

Well said Persian Drum

Aleksa said...

Good book!!??

Look,again, what you believe is up to you and just for you!
Why the need to preech it to everyone and to bother people that are not interested!?

If it makes you a better person,its OK with me,but keep it to your self!

What if something happens to the earth and in4000 years some new cicivilization discovers Hary Potter novel?
There will be some archeological prove of its existence like London and England,but is everything true in it???

Look,I as a eastern European,Slav can trace my kind living in Europe for over 5000 years,some archeological findings go even over 8000 years!
So now please explain me why i should wiev ,Abraham,Moses,Jesus,Jahwe,Noah and many other JEWS as my gods and seviours!!??
And why should I forget gods of my ancestors ,Perun,Svetovid,Svarog,Stribog,Veles,and many other Ancient Slavic gods??

Christianity kept most of its stories of old pagans but corrupted it with adding JEWS to it!

I have nothing to do with israHELL,my ancestors either!
For me there is nothing holly in it,SO I FUCKING DONT CARE ABOUT IT!!!

Unknown said...

Perhaps I'm not so wise as other Christians; when I see a blatant attack I feel compelled to respond not so much for myself but on behalf of those whose faith is weakened by those who have a value system bent on destruction.

And so we see folks accusing a Christian of misusing the occasion for proselytizing. Excuse me, but who brought up the Christian subject to begin with?

One thing I'm absolutely sure of; I'm not going to persuade someone who has gone down a path so far that he or she cannot will-not respect the belief system of another. Mathematical proof of the authenticity of a thing means nothing to those who've already made up their minds on a thing; maybe. Or maybe it upsets their apple cart should they even consider it.

In my opinion God hides himself from many. This doesn't make anyone better than anyone else, it just provides a teaching tool for correcting those that He chooses to discipline.

Perhaps I'm adding to my foolishness--I'm trying to approach this subjectively--but we've all been lied to; to what degree, nobody can say for sure. Everybody's belief systems contain non-identifiable erroneous elements so hardwired into their perceptions that there appears to be no means of disentanglement. So when you attack anyone's belief system because it appears flawed to you, if you're honest, you'll reflect on the same probability that you could be wrong too or, that you were wrong yourself at some time and it wasn't verbal violence that turned you around.

Unknown said...

Oops; I meant "objectively," not subjectively