May 29, 2014

Israeli Deceptions Go South: Ex-Australian Prime Minister Confirms Israel Attacked America


Pat Colo said...

"notorious zionist gatekeeper" John Fein did the ridiculous "interview" with Oz trade unionist & 911 Truther Kevin Bracken, which IMHO merely backfired and woke up a whole new population to 911. Anthony Lawson did a video deconstructing that interview,
^ Bracken was all about the facts & not being derailed from the topic, while Fein was all about ad-homs/ridicule/straw-men; and his dishonest efforts to bury the truth were completely transparent, which contributed to many people's taking a closer look at Bracken's message.

Here's a 2010 speech Kevin Bracken gave in San Francisco, 43 mins:

Pat Colo said...

^ busted VT link above; Bracken/Faine interview video by Lawson is inside:

Unknown said...

This Is the 50 minute radio interview between Fraser/Faine recorded May 9 2014.

When Bracken called Faine's show two years ago wishing to debate him on 9/11, Faine said and I quote
"There's nothing to debate" as if there are no holes in the official story.

This Faine guy has a three hour 5 day week morning slot with Australia's public broadcaster on ABC radio. He's paid over $300.000

He's paid so much because his lies have to be whoppers!

Unknown said...

I have just listened to the Faine/Bracken conversation again. I have a copy of it now.

Faine is floating on a raft made of many soft stinking turds atop a deep ocean.

He should be debated with everyone we meet; that's a sure way to send him to the bottom.