May 29, 2014

Nazi-Supporting Royal Compares Putin to Hitler
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Anonymous said...

How I hate Corbett. I had a comment debate with him before for his blaming Nazis for Jewish crimes.

This is so ludacris. If the British royals would support Hitlerism, why wage war on Germany and reason mass immigration to Britain by calling everyone that critizes that a Nazi?

How much longer can these clowns like Corbett get away with this shit?

Unknown said...

@Tele Funken

Don't like what you hear, then either proof Corbett wrong or don't watch his reports o_O

How much longer will people continue to belief what the Mass Mind Manipulators of Mainstream News continue to spiel, rather than use their own IQ and reason ?

Anonymous said...

Rot in hell, shill

Sieg Heil. We will defeat you scum once and for all.