May 29, 2014

Outside Radio links

You can use the Skype button below for the Giuliani show.
When Charles is on his laptop, you can only call him on Skype via " delcroix2012 "  

This MOBILE link and or the STREAM PLAYER below

   Should be working on most mobile devices for streaming Giuliani and Circus Maximus on Outside Radio. If they don't, then your phone is a piece of crap. LOL

Here are all the other links for listening to Outside Radio:

Shoutcast, Or RadioTuna

Listen in Winamp or iTunes
Listen in Windows Media Player
Listen in VLC Player
Listen in RealPlayer

Call in number for Giuliani: 508-422-7010 Massachusetts USA. Live from 8-10am Eastern on weekdays. Email

Call in number for Circus Maximus: 334-654-9800 USA.
Listen Live from 6-8pm Eastern every Thursday.

You can call for Free via a Gmail account with the Google Talk Plugin provided that you live in North America. Check rates here for any other Country. 


Aleksa said...

Thanks.finally I am able to listen via my MP.

Aleksa said...

O it works on my tablet too.great.
My tablet and MP do not support adobe flash player,does anyone have any suggestions how to download it or any alternative to it???

zapoper said...

You just wrote that it works. Can you please be more specific about what exactly is your problem?

Aleksa said...

Zap,it works because of you fixing it on your end but my Tablet and MP still doesn't play things for which a Adobe Flash Player is required.
It was just a question if someone knew how to install it to android Samsung s4 because it does not support it.
Anyway it is working for me here now and am glad because of it,so answer if someone knows how to install it would be cool if not would be cool too.
Lol.thanks anyway.

One of Eric's Blogs said...
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One of Eric's Blogs said...

Just wondering why they excluded Jesus' rebellious teenage years.

Anonymous said...

For those of us that use Media Player Classic, it will stream this show too. Just right click the ASX address, and open media player classic, in the "open file.." menu in media player classic and paste the address. wait a few seconds fore it to connect and you can hear the stream. Just saying, hope this helped

Unknown said...

Anyone know why Charlies shows aren't posted here anymore or why his am radio slot has been replaced with Dennis Fetcho?