October 31, 2019

Rosa Koire Agenda 21 Won't Get Fooled Again Interview


Chains said...

This is how these Agenda 30 scumbags get their "feedback"
Exposing the Delphi Technique


The Delphi Technique was developed by the RAND Corporation to develop "consensus". Consensus is not agreement. It is the absence of dissent. The technique involves structuring questions and issues for a predetermined outcome while giving the appearance of obtaining public input. This video is a compliation of several meeting where the Delphi Technique was used in One Bay Area visioning sessions to make it appear that everyone was in favor of high density housing, mass transit, social equity.

zapoper said...

With a name like that and the way she looks, I'm pretty sure that she's a Jew but the info is irrefutable.

BTW. ChainS. When you delete one of your comments, make sure that you tick "delete forever" so that we don't see "This comment has been removed by the author."


Chains said...

Yeah great stuff. She likes women and is a democrat but she has done great work.

Liam said...

Thanks Zapoper, will remember the "delete forever" when I express my right to delete my comments. lol