October 31, 2019

South Africa Spotlight | Interview with KARIN SMITH | RIGHT NOW Podcast

 Every time I miss a day of posting, it becomes a burden to post the backlog. I'm not feeling it right now but I'll post the latest recording of Karin Smith.


Albert said...

The First-Half+ Karen was FANTASTIC, the Best most Hard-Hitting Clear Succinct Presentation she has ever Delivered !!!

Too Tired, ... Watching-Sports, Drinking Beer, ... (Bread-in-the-Form-of-"Beer", Circuses-in-the-form-of-"Entertainment")
- Narcotised Sleeping Zombies !!!

-- Sadly, after the "Trick" Question: "What can Whites DO!?" ... What can ANYONE even SAY?

("Remove" the Jews, Blacks, Browns? ... -- especially in 'Merica! ;-)

🌝 πŸŒš πŸŒž

Anonymous said...

This New Right Network show is hosted by a bleach blond jewess. When are you going to be able to identify the jew ON SIGHT? They hide behind fake names, fake religions, fake political parties, and even fake realities. jews infect everything.