October 31, 2019

We Were Never Asked


katana said...

A transcript of her video is available here:

Laura Towler – We Were Never Asked – Oct 24, 2019 — Transcript

Laura Towler and a team of volunteers survey over 2,000 White British on their opinion on the non-White invasion of Britain, confirming that the vast majority of them have always been against this invasion and remain so today.

Liam said...

Oh dear! The title is enough? I'm sure this will end well. lol.

PS My unconditional digital support for all volunteers and those who see the problem for all The European Isles west of France.

slurp said...

katana is a legend! So many years of hard laborious work for little recognition.

The distinction between immigrant and invader is consent of the settled population. Words have clear and settled meanings that almost every one agrees upon. And it has always been true that most of us in every majority White country have always said, "please, no more." Always take the opportunity to correct media types on social media when they cover such issues as Windrush or the Vietnamese Invader Lorry story, where they dishonestly use the word 'immigrant.'