October 31, 2019

The Graham Hart Show - With Brizer 2019.10.28

Brizer's guest: Nick Griffin, his Twitter

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Albert said...

GREAT Talk !!!

🌝 πŸŒš πŸŒž

Zeebra said...

yes good stuff as always :~)

New Adam Green / Henrik Palmgren discussion tonight, re Red Ice's YT channel recently getting gassed... 1h 45m:


Liam said...

Thanks Brizer and Graham. One of your best shows.

Thanks Zapoper for all the 'shit' you do. lol. The whiney girlie man music in the middle was tolerable since the show was so good. lol. Beatles bad, strolling masonic bones worse. lol.

zapoper said...


Fakk said...

Was definitely a very interesting show. Mr Griffin has done much good work for the UK radical right of course, and some fine stories came out about his dealings with the BBC, British police, EU Parliament and ex-associate Mark Collett. Other gloomy facts discussed were that Western European countries will lose 50% of native white population share over the next few decades, and as all these capitalist economies are based on debt based credit which requires ever increasing numbers of consumers and workers to stay afloat, the only way to avoid financial collapse is to allow ever increasing numbers of foreign immigrants. Mr Griffin rightly predicts in the not too distant future, inevitable and catastrophic failure of normal Western Society.

Lark said...

Thank you, Brizer, for, once again, making mention of that elusive "c" word... that is too often avoided like the plague ["successful" mind virus]... that it truly has become! After 15 years of researching this topic, I have consoled myself with the sense that I must count each occurrence as a blessing.

In this 2013 RBN Corporation Nation interview, listen in as Niki Raapana insists, "It has a name! It has a name!" Then tell me you would discount her research into this topic - since about 2000 - as so much ado about nothing... too. It is the proverbial elephant in the room that the blind either cannot or refuse to see.

Corporation Nation Radio Show #33 - Guests: Lark in Texas & Niki Raapana - November 27, 2013

Here she speaks to The Mind Renewed... in the UK.

Niki Raapana : Communitarianism - Dialectical Tool of the NWO


"We are the Borg. Lower your shields and surrender your ships. We will add your biological and technological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will adapt to service us. Resistance is futile."


How best to swallow an elephant? One bite at a time! (To swallow it whole is futile.) ;)

When all else fails, you can steel your resolve with this quote (credit Niki Raapana):

"It's 'the healthy instincts of the plain man' that's their biggest threat right now."

Albert said...


"I reserve ALL Rights!" then: ABSOLUTE-SILENCE !!! ;-) (You have-the-Right-to-Remain-SILENT, take it + follow it very Literally!)
(This is Even Better than: "Resisting" the Police ("Vaccines" etc.), "Neither Resisting, Nor Assisting", or ONLY-replying-with-QUESTIONS!)

Months ago someone Mentioned the ("Do you 'Understand'?") Reply: "No! -- I am an IDIOT!" - Strategy! ;-)

Everyone, You MUST Repetitively-DRILL: these chosen-by-YOU responses, in a "Simon-Says" like catch-each-other-out like: REPETITIVE-Drill -- with-your-Friends !!!

... ANY ANSWERING-Back ("clever", "polite", or otherwise) "Exchange" / "CONTRACTING" with the Po-LICE
... WILL indeed be sorely REGRETTED by-YOU ......... during your subsequent Months-going-On-YEARS of "Incarceration" etc!

Not just Remember, but DEEPLY-UNDERSTAND: that All-THREE: "Prosecuting"-Lawyer, "Defending"-Lawyer, "Judge"-Lawyer, Have SWORN- ALLEGIANCE to the "Bar-Association" -- NEVER to You !!!!!!!!!!! -- They are "Actors" in a "Play" to Counterfeit "Justice" + "Rule-of-Law" ...

98% (?) of USA "Cases" / "Trials" -- DO-NOT ever even "Go-Before-a-Jury-"of-your-peers" !!!
-- The "Prosecutor" "simply" PILES-UP 10-or-More "Charges" adding-Upto 100s of Years Jail-Time Some-even with YEARS of MINIMUM-Sentence-Time!
-- And Your "FREE" "State-Appointed"-"Defence"-Attorney .. Simply TELLS You: "Well, You ARE 'Guilty'! -- And After a Jury-Trial, which you WILL 'Lose'! --- You will GET FAR Loooonger Jail-Time, Than the "Good" "Plea-Deal"!!!"

Hence, Believe it or Not! -- There are indeed MANY Innocent of Murder Folks serving Long Jail-Sentences ... AFTER "Pleading-Guilty" to MURDERS which they are (Provably) NOT even Guilty of Committing !!!!! :-)

🌝 🌚 🌞

Jacky Vanmarsenille said...

Albert your writing style needs some work, but you are spot on about even the defense attorney being an actor in a play, and who has sworn allegiance to the corporate court, and not to defending you and all of your rights and freedom.

Brizer if you read this, I and others would definitely be interested in hearing another show about all of this. What to say, what to do, what it means in detail, etc.

"I reserve all rights", "are you addressing me?", "are you asking me to testify against myself?", and so on

Brizer said...

Many thanks for your kind comments folks and glad you enjoyed it.

@Jacky Vanmarsenille Yes I will cover more on this topic and get a show out there at some point. It's very important now considering where we are going with "hate speech" legislation etc.