June 07, 2020

Chimpanzees with Learning Difficulties

Complete with ODD's attempt at an Eminemesque rhyme laying out the scam LOL I have been employed right up until things started opening up. I will be unemployed as of the 12th. at least its warm outside...


Captain Ahab said...

When they named it Rap, they misspelled it,...they left the C off the front!

Chains said...

Indeed, LOL! the rant is is excellent though.

Captain Ahab said...

Yes! I like ODD's site and visit it frequently.

I don't know if you looked into the situation with Drew Brees, but these sports broadcaster's and former/current athletes enrage me these days. My mom use to work with the Utah Jazz medical staff and growing up I was well on my way to working in the league when I was younger. I obsessed over it until I had an awakening.

Now, I am fed up with these leagues, their commissioners, and the players. Also, announcers such as Dan Patrick, Colin Cowherd, Trey Wingo and Mike Golic, and many others spend countless hours programming their audience with these anti-white narratives such as the one with Brees recently. There is nothing that makes me more contemptuous than when one of these camel-brained announcers starts going off on a tangent on some social or political issue.

Listen to this shit:


Albert said...

I was Hearing: "Too much Time on their Hands ..."

But, Until I SAW these end-to-end Dance-Clips ...

I didn't Realise How INSANELY-Practiced these Routines WERE !!!

-- WHY Didn't we STOP (((them)))* ...

So that ALL of these Women COULD have Been-Happily-HOME with Their Beautiful FULFILLING Children !!! :-(

(* Yes! Rhetorical, indeed "we" "did (((their))) Dirty-work FOR (((them)))": by MURDERING the HEART/Best of Our White-Race !!! :-(

RickB said...

Captain Ahab, that was an excellent youtube post. I used to like the program Undisputed with Skip Bayless and Shannon Sharpe. I'm glad that I haven't seen it lately. I won't return to see it again. I used to enjoy some football, basketball, soccer and golf. Now I'll limit my viewing to soccer and golf... and if I see the white shaming there, I'll discontinue viewing sports altogether.

Chris Carter disappeared suddenly from the program First Things First which started up with Chris Carter and jew Nick Wright riding Carter's coat tails. They had several background clips showing what chums they were. Here's what Google says about Carter's sudden departure:

Unsurprisingly, Carter did not leave FS1 on friendly terms. We know that he was fired – and escorted out of the building by security guards – though the precise nature of his abrupt exit remains shrouded in mystery.

Carter didn't know how to suck up to the jew. He's banished from TV forever.

Tough talking black man Stephen A. Smith of ESPN's First Take knows better. He and jew Max Kellerman (who replaced Bayless) will be chums forever.

I think a lot of white guys are going to give up on sports. How much white shaming do the jews think they'll swallow? I know, many will swallow a lot. Not me.

Captain Ahab said...

Rick B,

If in these next few months the NBA and NFL seasons start in some fashion, we will see all kinds of white-shaming and enforced white-guilt. In the NFL we will see multiple players kneeling for the anthem, and those white players who take a hard, pro-military, patriotic stand will shamed like there's no tomorrow.

Weak, beta male, commissioner Roger Godell has come out in support now of all of this George Floyd nonsense; this will galvanize the players even more and create enormous momentum to marginalize whites even further. Of course, this is happening everywhere. Basically, the green light is now being given that whites are now to be treated like outcasts and are now to be hunted to every corner of this earth.

Those who have recently seen what Dan Dicks of Press for Truth went through the other day will see what is in store for whites in the coming months and years. The cops were there to protect Dan this time, but those here at MS see the writing on the wall. Whites are now fair game! Bolshevism is now permeating the social and cultural realms as the bloodthirsty, Kabbalistic-face of our controllers reveals itself in its true essence!