June 07, 2020

Opening Pandora's Box With Vinny & Melissa

Taking today easy, advice for activists
by Vinny Eastwood in New Zioland

A good pep talk from Vinny who unwraps his present and discovers what's inside the box: a 65 Watt bullhorn. He has good advice for a live-streaming activist with a smartphone, a bullhorn and a gimbal. He gets into a very good rant!

Have the Best YouTube Channel Ever! - Truthstream Media
The Genius Of The Crowd - Charles Bukowski

How to Have the Best YouTube Channel Evurrr!

Open a Pandora's Box!!!
It's the coolest thing you can do on YouTube!
Clear your mind of anything that can be considered a critical thought.
"If you want to tell people the truth, make them laugh, otherwise they'll kill you."
~ George Bernard Shaw

Somewhere along the line, I picked this up:
The Genius Of The Crowd: Charles Bukowski

Turquoise Lake

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Voltman said...

I updated Vinny's video above because somehow it got changed to the wrong one.