June 07, 2020

More on Obama's Nationalized Police Force Idea

We are tip toeing toward blue helmets patrolling your neighborhood.


Captain Ahab said...

Obama and Holder did a lot to lay the foundation for where we are today. Holder was able to basically threaten local police forces after Ferguson to change their hiring policies and institute 'rigorous new standards' and 'robust safeguards' to prevent 'racial profiling.' So the 'nationalizing' of local police has been aggressively taking place for awhile now.The DOJ has had their nose into everything that local police for quite some time now. And there is the always ever-present threat of having funding withdrawn if they don't play ball.

The immense totalitarian historical forces that are at work now are drawing everything into its orbit at all levels whether it be the social, cultural, economic, or technological. The whole question of agency and 'who' is doing 'what' to 'whom' has become almost superfluous. It's almost like we are all simultaneously witnesses and accomplices in some grand historical dystopian process that is far beyond our control and comprehension. As Heidegger stated in his 1966 postumously published Spiegel interview, "Only a god can save us!"

Chains said...

Yeah and I have been watching martin liedtke and jon levi who are both very much on the fringe but are doing some very interesting and thought provoking stuff. Basically the genocides/resets are very much cyclical, even in our very recent history according to their research and conjecture.

Captain Ahab said...

Right on Chain! I was unaware of those two and will check it out. I'll tell ya, sometimes there aren't enough hours in the day to spend researching the stuff I want to. It's like you have to be very selective about who or what you spend your time on because you're not going to be able to go through it all.

And for what it's worth Chain, I like the posts you put up here and am glad Zap asked you to come back!

Chains said...

Hey thanks CA!