June 07, 2020

Obama Foundation Tweets Pic Of Floyd BEFORE He Was Killed?


monki said...

sorry but this is easily bedunkable with just a moment of research. the image is not a picture that was posted with the tweet, it is a link to a website. the image changes when the website is updated. no grand conspiracy here. I mean this whole thing is fishy as hell, but this particular issue is a technical one.

Panzerfaust said...
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BREW said...

Please share more, Monki.

Seriously, please share your findings and straighten this alleged act out, before anyone shares more falsifies- regarding this, which makes fools of us all.

Thanks. I looked forward to your findings and post to come.

BREW said...

This BlueSky tweeted the Obama Foundation thing that is allegedly Saint George Floyd,
And Amazing Polly chimed in with a Tweet about url and image changing.


Chains said...

These kinds of anomalies seem to keep popping up ever since at least as far back as Sandy Hook. I know it very possible this is a manipulation to torment people who are paying attention. Its an interesting phenomenon anyway.

BREW said...

Look - fact is, and it is a fact, the hoax/ false flag/ staged event people/ coordinators, do have a history of jumping the gun and launching their Go Fund Ne pages early, or having entire websites setup, ready to launch, the minute whatever they're up To is completed.

We find their photographs of what would appear to be one a scene, yet we acquire multiple takes and arrangements.

These are the things that must be looked for.

Even in the Saint George Floyd case, we see numerous anomalies.

There are different takes at different angles. Voices of a crowd, but no crowd seen.

An angle with the alleged cop kneeling on the back of Saints neck from the front, where we see a white line on the street, and then from another angle, the white one is nonexistent.

The alleged crowd gathered that sound like they're trying discourage the alleged cops kneeling on Saint George, yet this alleged crowd filming never increases in number, nor'does the alleged person filming the incident, ever bother to change their location to film at a better angle.

Just frickin' stupid. All stupid.
Arranged and presented and published and promoted in the same systematic manner they do all of them, with the first goal of striking EMOTION, while using deception and slight of hand throughout.

This Saint George hoax is highly successful. They're giving themselves 10☆s

This Saint George event has launched many of their plans and has moved forward to meet many of their goals -- further than they moderately anticipated.

When they launch something, knowing they can't plan for everything, and or have it perfect, they have a projection for the goals they want to meet, though in all reality, they do not know how much they will actually be accomplished before it loses steam, or the target audience loses interest.

This Saint George scheme hasn't been limited to The United States - they managed to make it global.

By all accounts, that is a success.