June 07, 2020

Tragedy & Hope by Gareth John Laporto

Tragedy & Hope - Gareth John Laporto

Lockdowns Are Finished
Deek Jackson - Busking in Edinburgh
Vernon Coleman - Stop Them Closing Our Loos
The Dollar Vigilante  - OK Let's Talk About Racism
Richie From Boston - Why would they FAKE a Pandemic?
!!! DISOBEY !!!

 Deek Jackson - Busking at the Demo in Edinburgh - 06/07/2020

Deek Jackson

"I Don't Believe What The Government Says and Neither Should You

You can disobey the government, you can disobey your orders
You can disobey your God, you can live your own life
Live it your own way and if they try to stop you
Well you can disobey!
 With zoos, you lose your loos...
Dr Vernon Coleman explains why public loos (toilets) everywhere are being closed,
and offers an original solution to the problem.

Stop Them Closing Our Loos
Vernon Coleman - The Old Man in a Chair


The Market For Liberty
A Book that would change the world


OK Let's Talk About Racism - The Dollar Vigilante

Why would they FAKE a Pandemic?

The Stupidities Keep Coming but Lockdowns Are Finished
Vernon Coleman


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