June 07, 2020

Installed Covid-Safe? Let's Try Pedo-Safe First


Zeebra said...

Peekay showed a headline where Kanye West, the "woke black celebrity MAGA" donated $2M to Floyd's fam, paying college tuition for his 2 daughters. Weird; he should've just stayed out of the Floyd psyop!

~2y ago CNN was so worried about Kanye undermining the "Trump=WAYCISSSS" narrative, they deployed an all-black panel of whores led by Don Lemonhead, to feign 'agreement' re how ignorant Kanye is...

10 sec clip:

Chains said...

Yeah I saw that Zeebra, and the comedy of errors continues to be missed by the normies.

Zeebra said...

aww shit I just realized i posted my comment above in the wrong thread! Meant to drop it in the
"George Floyd - GoFraudMe"

^ where I'll paste it now!